The Ultimate How Animals Communicate Quiz
by Staff
Animals use different ways to communicate. Learn about how animals use singing, howling ,chirping and dancing to communicate with their species and others by taking this quiz.

What is a type of doggy communication?

  • tail wagging
  • croaking
  • chirping

How do wolves communicate?

  • howling
  • singing
  • dancing

What form of nonverbal animal communication is used by ants?

  • visual displays
  • chemical cues
  • scent markings

What animals may use bioluminescence to communicate?

  • fireflies
  • butterflies
  • ants

Why may members of the same species use different dialects to communicate?

  • use different dialects
  • different physiology
  • neither answer

How may honeybees communicate to other bees where the tastiest flowers are?

  • buzzing
  • waggle dance
  • chirping

What do Madagascan spiny-tailed iguanas have in common with the Madagascan paradise flycatcher?

  • share a general habitat
  • snack of raptors
  • both answers

What do iguanas do when the Madagascan paradise flycatcher raises an alarm?

  • be alert for a raptor attack
  • forage for food
  • sleep

What has affected the communication between whales?

  • decreased ocean shipping traffic
  • increased ocean shipping traffic
  • pollution from ocean shipping

How has the increased volume of birds singing, as a result of noise pollution, affected the songbirds' communication?

  • less alluring
  • more alluring
  • not at all alluring