The Ultimate How Bats Work Quiz
by Staff
When you think of bats you might think of scary, blood-sucking creatures that hang upside down in caves. While most bats are not dangerous and do not eat blood, there are some that do is and bats are certainly famous for their ability to sleep hanging upside down. Take this quiz to learn more about bats.

At what time of day are bats active?

  • morning
  • noon
  • night

Bats are classified into megachiroptera and microchiroptera. What do megachiroptera eat?

  • fruit
  • frogs
  • insects

How wide is the wingspan of the Malayan flying fox?

  • 2 feet
  • 4 feet
  • 6 feet

Chiroptera comes from the Greek words for "hand-wing." Why are bats classified as Chiroptera?

  • because their wings are very long hands
  • because they have both hands and wings
  • because they have wings instead of hands

It is believed that bats were originally non-flying mammals. How did bats develop their wings?

  • They stretched their skin to make wings.
  • Through the process of natural selection.
  • They tried to fly and eventually wings grew.

Bat wings are more flexible than bird wings. How does this help bats?

  • It helps bats to maneuver.
  • It helps bats to hide in smaller spaces.
  • It helps bats to fly faster.

How do bats make up for the poor visibility at night?

  • They use sound to identify the location of objects.
  • They use their sense of touch to feel objects.
  • They have hormones that trigger a special night vision.

What is a sound wave?

  • A stable fluctuation of air pressure.
  • A fluctuation in air pressure from sound energy.
  • The motion of particles as a result of water movement.

If bats use echolocation during the night to find prey, why don't we hear many bat noises?

  • Bats are not found near humans.
  • The pitch is beyond the human hearing range.
  • Bats have very soft voices.

If an insect is to the right of a bat, which ear will hear the sound from echolocation first?

  • the right ear
  • the left ear
  • both ears at the same time

What aspect of sound does a bat use to determine the size of an insect?

  • intensity
  • pitch of the echo
  • where it hits the ear

Where does the phrase "blind as a bat" come from?

  • Bats are blind.
  • Bats have poor vision.
  • Bats are awake during night hours.

Bats spend their resting time hanging upside down. How does this help the bats?

  • They are in a good position for take-off.
  • They can hide from danger.
  • Both of the above.

How does a bat manage to hang upside down for so long?

  • Their talon's tendons are attached to their spine.
  • Their talon's tendons are very short.
  • Their talon's tendons are connected to their upper body.

How do bats interact with each other?

  • They like to be in solitude.
  • They live in tight-knit communities.
  • They live in small gangs.

Flying at night is very hard work. How do bats conserve energy during the day?

  • They cluster together to create heat.
  • They increase their heart rate.
  • They enter a state of light hibernation.

Vampire bats feed on blood. How much blood do they require each day in order to survive?

  • two tablespoons
  • two cups
  • two gallons

How many mosquitoes can a little brown bat eat in one hour?

  • 20
  • 200
  • 1200

How do bats help to grow bananas?

  • They eat the bad ones.
  • They spread pollen.
  • They eat the buds from banana trees.

What are bat feces used for?

  • fertilizer
  • cleaning agents
  • both of the above