Quiz: How can you manage all those electrical wires?
by Staff
Do you feel like ripping your hair out while you rip all those electrical cords out? Can you make do with fewer wires or even go completely wireless? Relax, take a deep breath and get yourself organized with this cord quiz.

What's an easy way to label your wires for organization?

  • color-coded labels
  • permanent marker
  • metal "dog tags"

Why should you label wires at the end closest to the electrical outlet?

  • because it's impossible to label them at the appliance end
  • so you can locate which wire is attached to which appliance
  • because the labels will look pretty lined up along the wall

What can you do to disguise wires running along your floor?

  • Put tape over them.
  • Hide them under rugs and furniture.
  • Paint over them.

How can you keep the wires in place along the wall?

  • using paper clips
  • using thumb tacks
  • using wire tacks

What can you use to bundle the wires together?

  • shoelaces
  • rubber bands
  • Velcro

If you bundle the wires together, what do you have to be aware of?

  • to disconnect the power first
  • bundling them too tightly
  • how long each wire is

How can you de-clutter all the wires on your desk?

  • Where possible, remove some or hide them in corners.
  • Fold all the wires in half.
  • Upgrade all your current electronics for newer wireless ones.

Which of the following is available in a wireless model?

  • refrigerator
  • desk lamp
  • computer keyboard

What technology is an alternative to having totally wireless computer accessories?

  • Bluetooth
  • 4G
  • VoIP

Is a cordless phone completely wireless?

  • yes
  • no
  • It depends on the brand.