The Ultimate How Works Quiz
by Staff
Going on an adventure trip is a big undertaking. With, it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Take our quiz and learn about how the organization's Web site can help you plan your next adventure trip.

What is

  • An adventure tour company's interactive Web site.
  • A social networking Web site for outdoor adventure enthusiasts.
  • The website for the beloved children's book "My Outdoor Adventure."

To what Web site can be compared?

  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • YouTube

What is the purpose of

  • To give outdoor adventure companies an advertising platform.
  • To promote outdoor adventure safety.
  • To connect outdoor adventure fans.

What do you need to do to use

  • Pay a monthly fee.
  • Go to their Web site and sign up.
  • Have a member sign you up.

What is one advantage of using this Web site as a resource?

  • You can earn credit points which are redeemable at outdoor adventure stores.
  • You are getting reliable information from experts in the field.
  • The members writing reviews are the same as you, without advertising agendas.

Which of these things can you do on

  • Advertise your business.
  • Sell your used equipment.
  • Write a travel report.

How much does it cost to be a member of

  • It is free.
  • The cost is $10 a month.
  • The cost is $12 a month.

How does make money?

  • By charging for reading travel reports.
  • By selling advertising space.
  • By issuing fines to those who breach the code of conduct.

What was the name of the man who made mountain climbing history in 2005?

  • Elliot Viesturs
  • Edward Vincent
  • Ed Viesturs

What did Ed Viesturs achieve that earned him a place in mountain climbing history?

  • He was the first person to climb the world's 14 highest peaks without the assistance of any breathing apparatus.
  • He was the first person to reach the peak of Mount Everest.
  • He was the first visually impaired man to climb a mountain.

To become a member of, what do you need to provide?

  • name, email address, date of birth and sex
  • name and a valid email address
  • name, social security number and email address

When signing up to, for how long do you need to keep your key code?

  • You only need to use it to activate your account.
  • You will need it for the first week.
  • You will need it for the first three months.

Why fill out your personal information on your profile?

  • So that the site can recommend adventures suitable for you.
  • It's non-negotiable site rules.
  • To make it easier to connect to people who have similar interests to you.

What is the name of the couple who went around the world in two years?

  • Colin and Juliana McClellan
  • Colin and Julie Angus
  • Colin and Julie Anderson

How many kilometers did Colin and Julie Angus cover?

  • 23,000 (14,291 miles)
  • 33,000 (23,505 miles)
  • 43,000 (26,719 miles)

How can you keep track of adventures you would like to try?

  • Tag them with the tagging function.
  • Add them to you "To Do list" on your profile.
  • Write them down.

About how long ago was it likely no-one would have heard of MySpace or Facebook?

  • five years ago
  • a decade ago
  • twenty years ago

What does becoming a member of MyOutdoorAdventure enable you to do?

  • Share stories and travel advice and upload photos and videos.
  • Get free travel insurance from the Web site.
  • Book discounted flights to your adventurous destinations.

What are some ways Web sites make money off people once they become members?

  • They sell your personal information to advertising agencies.
  • They insist on compulsory participation in a sponsor's offer.
  • Even though signing up is free, many of their services require a nominal fee.

How old is

  • three years old
  • 10 years old
  • a dinosaur on the online scene