The Ultimate How Spiders Work Quiz
by Staff
What is it about spiders that creeps people out so much? Spiders are probably the most feared bug, even though very few are actually dangerous. Perhaps learning more about spiders will help you get over your fears. Take this quiz and find out more about these helpful little creatures.

A spider's diet falls into which of these categories?

  • carnivore
  • herbivore
  • omnivore

Scientists believe that spiders have existed for how long?

  • 100 million years
  • 200 million years
  • 400 million years

Approximately how many recorded species of spiders are there?

  • 4000
  • 40000
  • 400000

Spiders share an order with which of these?

  • ants and termites
  • ticks and scorpions
  • beetles

Spiders have the ability to produce which of these materials?

  • silk
  • cotton
  • rayon

How many segments does a single leg of a spider have?

  • three
  • five
  • seven

How many sections does a spider's body have?

  • two
  • three
  • four

Which of these do spiders use as their primary sense?

  • touch
  • smell
  • sight

What do spiders use to feel vibrations around them?

  • antennae
  • legs
  • hair

How many types of respiratory systems will you find among spiders?

  • one
  • two
  • three

Spiders use the hairs at the end of their legs to do what?

  • They use them to walk on smooth surfaces.
  • They use them to smell predators.
  • They use them to produce silk.

The exoskeleton of a spider is made of what material?

  • skin
  • silk
  • cuticle

Why must spiders molt in order to grow?

  • Spiders must molt because their dead skin cells are poisonous.
  • Spiders must molt because their exoskeletons can't grow any other way.
  • Spiders must molt because their blood needs to be exposed to air.

How do spiders shed their old exoskeletons when they molt?

  • Spiders burst out of their shells using pressure and muscular strength.
  • Spiders eat away their old shell over the course of a few days.
  • Spiders rub their bodies against rough surfaces until they've worked off their old shell.

How much stronger is spider silk than steel?

  • twice as strong
  • five times as strong
  • 10 times as strong

Scientists are attempting to increase the available amount of spider silk in which of these ways?

  • Scientists are trying to increase the world's spider population by 10,000 percent.
  • Scientists are trying to create a spider-silk producing goat.
  • Scientists are trying to perfect a machine that imitates the method spiders use to turn proteins into silk.

What do orb spiders do with the silk of a deteriorated web?

  • The eat the threads so they can recycle the material.
  • The leave the threads where they are and find a new location.
  • They destroy the silk with their venom.

Which of these species of spider hunts by changing colors to adapt to its surrounding?

  • the chameleon spider
  • the yellow crab spider
  • the tarantula

Which of these species of spider is known to carry its young on its back to protect them from predators?

  • tarantula
  • wolf spider
  • crab spider

The world's longest-living spider belongs to which of these species?

  • crab spider
  • tarantula
  • wolf spider