Quiz: Do you know how your home thermostat keeps you so comfy?
by Staff
Have you ever wondered how your home thermostat works? This piece of technology has advanced considerably in terms of energy-saving features. Take our quiz to see how much you know about your home thermostat.

Where is the recommended location for the thermostat in your home?

  • in the foyer
  • by the staircase
  • in the family room

Which metal is essential to the functioning of a home thermostat?

  • mercury
  • aluminum
  • copper

How many thermometers are in your home thermostat?

  • one
  • two
  • three

What do the two thermometers inside of the thermostat measure?

  • indoor temperature and outdoor temperature
  • heating system temperature and cooling system temperature
  • indoor temperature and the heating and cooling system temperature

What happens to the bimetallic strip inside the thermostat when the room is heated and cooled?

  • It expands and contracts.
  • It lengthens and shortens.
  • It tightens and loosens.

What happens inside your thermostat when you turn up the heat?

  • The mercury switch tips to the left.
  • The mercury switch tips to the right.
  • The mercury switch is balanced.

What does the heat anticipator inside a home thermostat do?

  • It turns on heating before the ideal temperature begins to go down.
  • It shuts off heating before the ideal temperature is reached.
  • It predicts the ideal temperature of the home.

How many wires are in a typical home thermostat?

  • three
  • five
  • seven

What are the functions of the RH and RC wires in a home thermostat?

  • connect to the heating and cooling system transformers
  • connect to the heating and cooling system activators
  • connect to the heating and cooling system deactivators

What is the purpose of the W wire?

  • turns on the air conditioner
  • turns on the fan
  • turns on the heat

What is the purpose of the G wire?

  • turns on the air conditioner
  • turns on the fan
  • turns on the heat

What does a thermistor do?

  • measures temperature on digital thermostats
  • acts as a transistor for thermostats
  • operates the thermometer

What is the main difference between a digital thermostat and a mechanical thermostat?

  • Digital models give more precise temperature readings.
  • Digital models let you program various temperature settings.
  • Digital models let you simultaneously control heating and cooling functions.

What thermostat system evens out the temperature throughout your home?

  • control system
  • planning system
  • zoning system

How much could you save on a typical energy bill by using a zoning system?

  • 15 percent
  • 30 percent
  • 50 percent

What is a damper system?

  • It controls air conditioning.
  • It increases thermostat accuracy.
  • It's an alternative to the zoning system.

How can a talking thermostat save you money?

  • It alerts you when your thermostat needs servicing.
  • It's cheaper than a digital thermostat.
  • It requires virtually no maintenance.

What does a digital signal processor in your home thermostat allow you to do?

  • give verbal commands to the thermostat
  • change the thermostat via e-mail
  • change the thermostat via online

Who is most likely to benefit from a telephone thermostat?

  • people living in rapidly changing climates
  • the elderly
  • large families

How does a telephone thermostat work?

  • It uses a landline telephone connection.
  • It uses Internet access.
  • It has an internal telephone module.