Quiz: How To Be A Super Saver Mom
by Staff
Being a mom is a full-time job, and the pay is terrible. Quiz yourself to see how you stack up as a super-saver mom.

Which meal best fits the description of a super-saver mom speciality?

  • An entire roasted chicken.
  • A big chef salad.
  • Frozen burritos.

What lunch-time strategy will save your family the most money?

  • Buying only school lunches.
  • Taking homemade sandwhiches to school everyday.
  • Bringing lunches in a reusable bag.

When is the only time your kid really needs a professional haircut?

  • When they get gum stuck in the hair.
  • They are starring on "Toddlers and Tiaras."
  • After the age of eight, when their boundless ego develops.

What kind of deals can you find on sites and blogs geared towards moms?

  • Tips about how to save money.
  • Coupons. Thousands and thousands of coupons.
  • Yboth.

What's an effective way to get free products online?

  • Write strongly-worded emails to companies demanding replacement products for something you never bought.
  • Fill out surveys.
  • Visit sites like or to clue you in to free samples offered around the internet.

What is a drawback of extreme couponing?

  • Paper cuts.
  • People at the checkstand hate you for taking so long.
  • You're run the risk of buying items just for the sake of saving money.

Does buying in bulk save money?

  • Yes, bulk is designed to save money on virtually any purchase.
  • Sometimes, depends on the items or place.
  • No, it's just a scam to buy fourteen pounds of peanut butter at a time.

How can location affect your bulk store prices?

  • If the area is dense with more grocery stores, prices will reflect more competition.
  • Bigger cities has lower prices.
  • Smaller cities or rural areas have lower prices.

What is a pitfall of buying in bulk?

  • Worse quality.
  • There is no pitfall, besides feeling smug for saving money.
  • Expensive and excessive impulse buys.

What's a strategy for couponing that doesn't require you to be extreme?

  • Using all the coupons from the store circulars.
  • Only using coupons that are two for one deals.
  • Use coupons on items that you would normally buy, and avoid buying just because there's a coupon.

What is one way to get good weekly grocery deals?

  • Plan all meals before your shoppping trip, and sticking to it at the store.
  • Don't plan anything before your shopping trip, to get the best deal that's there.
  • Neither.

What's a new way to coupon without as much hassle?

  • Texting coupons to your friends.
  • Loading coupons to your grocery card, online.
  • Collecting all the newspapers from your block and stealing the coupons.

With the struggling economy, what's a new development in the big box store business model?

  • Selling fresh produce.
  • Haggling or bargaining a price.
  • Giving stuff away for free.

If you're going to haggle, what should you do to get the best results?

  • Smile a lot.
  • Only ask for discounts on televisions.
  • Come prepared with research.

How do stores like TJ Maxx and Ross stay competitive?

  • They aren't really; they cost just as much as a department store.
  • They buy second-hand clothes.
  • They buy from designers and department stores with overstock.

What holiday is the best shopping time?

  • Christmas.
  • Fourth of July.
  • Neither.

What elementary skill might save you loads at the cashier?

  • Tying your shoes tightly so you don't trip when you're running for a sale.
  • Doing easy math in your head.
  • Make sure you can read an analog clock, because they might be the only ones in the store.

What online tool can help save your family money?

  • Budget-tracking tools.
  • Netflix.
  • Facebook.

How can you make your back to school shopping cheaper?

  • Join a rewards program with a store like Office Depot or Staples.
  • Only give your kids paper collected from recycling bins on your block.
  • Just avoid it. The teacher will give 'em pencils.

When is the best time to go holiday shopping?

  • November 24.
  • June.
  • January.