How Well Do You Know Famous German Terms from World War II?
by John Miller
"Sieg Heil" was just the beginning. From "Luftwaffe" to "SS," Germany's Third Reich produced some of the most memorable (and terrifying) terms that still litter human language. Do you know more of them than you realize?

What was the German term for "lightning war," a series of fast, armored strikes meant to smash defensive lines?

  • Bodengebunden
  • Blitzkrieg
  • Blumenkriege

When the Nazis used the word, "Untermenschen," to what were they referring?

  • "Unorganized" propaganda
  • "Undesirable" humans
  • "Unattractive" women

Deutschlandsender referred to which communications system?

  • Nazi satellite systems
  • Nazi radio
  • Nazi Pony Express

To what activity does the word "bücherverbrennung" refer?

  • Book burning
  • Book reading
  • Book writing

What's the word for the German highway system constructed by the Nazis?

  • Aufsichtsverwaltung
  • Aussenstelle
  • Autobahnen

What was the "SS"?

  • A Nazi folk rock band
  • A type of German sausage
  • Elite German troops

What was the term that the Nazis used to describe someone they believed was racially superior?

  • Gypsy
  • Aryan
  • Jewish

What is "Mein Kampf"?

  • A German machine gun
  • A type of Nazi cheese
  • A book

What does the phrase, "Drang nach Osten" mean?

  • "Drive to the East"
  • "Fly to the Moon"
  • "Let's bomb London"

The word "Daseinskampf" refers to the Nazi idea of struggling for _____.

  • Poetry
  • Existence
  • True love

What was the name of the Nazi secret police?

  • GIA
  • FF
  • Gestapo

If the Nazis called you a "Ehrenarier," what did it mean?

  • You were a slave to the system
  • You were condemned to die
  • You were an honorary Aryan

What was the purpose of the military squad called "Einsatzgruppen"?

  • It organized fun parties
  • It was a Nazi death squad
  • They dug potatoes

What was an official title bestowed on Hitler?

  • Fuhrer
  • Dachau
  • Chelmno

Which term was used to describe a Nazi doctor's power to declare whether a person's poor health made him or her a burden to society?

  • Frontgemeinschaft
  • Fahnenweihe
  • Euthanasiebefehl

What did the phrase, "Blut and boden" mean?

  • "Blood and soil"
  • "Oil for money"
  • "Dishes and soap"

The "Luftwaffe" referred to which branch of the Nazi military?

  • Special forces
  • Navy
  • Air force

What was the purpose of the Nazi Sturmabteilungen troops?

  • They were young Austrian children
  • They were storm troopers
  • They were special Jewish troops

To what group did "Nationalsozialist" refer?

  • The Gypsies
  • The Jews
  • The Nazis, of course

What was the name of the German army?

  • Uschla
  • Wehrmacht
  • Volkswagen

What did it mean if Nazi troops set out to "liquidieren" a political opponent?

  • It meant that they recruited him into the German army
  • It meant they killed him
  • It meant they sold him to a slave-trading company

The word "Atomwaffe" referred to what weapon?

  • Nuclear weapons
  • Grenade launchers
  • German tanks

What was the "Volkssturm"?

  • A thunderstorm that struck Berlin
  • An emergency Nazi military force
  • A type of German stew

To what aspect of Nazi life did the word "Obergruppenführer" refer?

  • It was Hitler's dog's name
  • Family prayer
  • Military rank

The "V-1" and "V-2" were a type of _____.

  • Weapon
  • Nazi badge of honor
  • Nazi secret soldier program

The word "konzentrationslager" referred to which horrifying aspect of Nazi racial cleansing?

  • A poison
  • Concentration camps
  • Freight trains

The "totenkopf" was a terrifying symbol worn by Nazi troops. What was its appearance?

  • It featured a human skull
  • It had a swastika and roses
  • It had a large gun that was actually a cigarette lighter

The term "panzerkampfwagen" specified which sort of German weapon?

  • Armored vehicles
  • Portable machine guns
  • Death Star

The Sicherheitspolizei was an agency that was part of the _____.

  • SS
  • Blitzkrieg
  • Brown Shirts

What did it mean if you were part of the "selektion" in a concentration camp?

  • You were given freedom
  • You were tasked with cleaning chores
  • You were selected for execution