How well do you know Victorian era slang?
by Annette
There are some Victorian-era gems that are not used by the public today and would sound odd in conversation. Test your knowledge of what these arcane​ terms really mean!

When you tell someone to shut their "sauce-box," what are you saying?

  • Your pot is boiling
  • Quiet your mind
  • Stop your mouth
  • Stop walking so fast

What happened when you leave the tavern​ half-rats?

  • You're throwing up
  • You're only partially intoxicated
  • You're leaving at midnight
  • You're leaving without your wallet

When someone is "not up to dick," what should you do?

  • Punch them
  • Send them flowers or make them soup
  • Never speak to them again
  • Shoot them

Is it true that Casanova was a gal-sneaker?

  • No, he didn't wear sneakers
  • Yes, he had a problem with addiction
  • No, he did not care for older women
  • Yes, he was devoted to seduction

When you're staring at someone's parish pick-axe, what are you looking at?

  • Their large nose
  • The axe in the church garden
  • Their tall hat
  • The hump on their back

What is a Victorian word for hands?

  • Bor-ands
  • Paws
  • Daddles
  • Butterbears

What happens when you cop a mouse?

  • You find a mouse in your kitchen
  • You eat a mouse
  • You get a black eye
  • You get a headache

If a boozer scorns your love of cat-lap, what is he referring to?

  • Tea and coffee
  • Kittens on your lap
  • Napping in the afternoon
  • Your love of plain water

If you want to satirically refer to enthusiasm, what would you call it?

  • Enthusi-boo
  • You don't say anything, but you frown
  • Blahhhhhh
  • Enthuzimuzzy

When you bemoan your fly rink, what are you referring to?

  • Your ice skating rink
  • Your fly-infested yard
  • Your bald head
  • Your scuffed shoe

If you're caught wearing gas-pipes, what are you wearing?

  • Leather chaps
  • Bagpipes
  • Tight pants
  • Mismatching socks

What are the jammiest bits of jam?

  • The sweetest jars of jam
  • The best portion of a piece of cake
  • Perfect young females
  • The chunks of fruit found in jam

If you're mafficking in the streets after a football game, what are you doing?

  • Loitering
  • Rioting
  • Getting rowdy
  • Smoking cigars

That preposterous thing you just said is enough to do what?

  • Make a stuffed bird laugh
  • Float an elephant
  • Launch a rosebush
  • Saw a carpenter

What does it mean when something is "nanty narking" at the tavern?

  • It's ridiculous
  • It's scandalous
  • It's unexplainable
  • It's great good fun

What is the meaning of the term "afternoonified"?

  • Sleepy
  • Drunken
  • Smart
  • Peckish

What happens when you batty-fang something?

  • You bite it
  • You thoroughly thrash it
  • You bat an eyelash at it
  • You kiss it

If you complain of "orf chump," what is your problem?

  • You're a chump
  • You are tired
  • You have no appetite
  • Your left leg is hurting

When you're blushing because you're poked up, what happened?

  • You are embarrassed
  • You are knocked-up
  • You've lost your job
  • You are caught saying something stupid

When it rains, you better pull out which of these that refers to an umbrella?

  • Rain carpet
  • Water-puller
  • Pocket-pusher
  • Rain-napper

What has happened when you have smothered a parrot?

  • You have literally smothered a bird
  • You have taken a warm bath
  • You have had a glass of absinthe, neat
  • You have sat on your glasses

What happens when you take the egg?

  • You win
  • You steal someone's breakfast
  • You accept defeat
  • You excite a lot of attention

Who are the whooperups of the world?

  • The cheerleaders
  • The drug addicts
  • The bad singers
  • The overly enthusiastic

Who are the arfarfan'arfs in the corner there?

  • The bad school children
  • The pack of puppies
  • The drunken men
  • The triplet siblings

If you're a nineteenth-century​ sailor on a benjo, what are you doing?

  • Having a riotous holiday
  • Having a booze binge
  • Sailing around the world
  • Dealing with a massive hangover

Who is the church-bell that you need to avoid?

  • The overly religious person
  • The underage girl
  • The over-talkative lady
  • The woman with a tarnished reputation

What are you doing when caught "kruger-spoofing"?

  • Exposing yourself in public
  • Stealing
  • Lying
  • Beating your wife

Why is a nose-bagger so annoying?

  • He always has his nose way up in the air
  • He is always playing his music too loud
  • He brings nothing to a dinner party
  • He brings his own supplies to the beach, purchasing nothing from the beach resort

What is another way of describing a gigglemug?

  • A smiling face
  • A ridiculous-looking person
  • A sad dog
  • A crazy person

What should you do when someone wants to shake a flannin with you?

  • Accept their offer to dance
  • Tell them you love them too
  • Belch
  • Run, because they want to pick a fight

When someone tells you that they "umble-cum-stumble," what do they mean?

  • They have no idea what you're talking about
  • They're telling you to shut up
  • They're saying that they understand completely
  • They're telling you that they don't speak English

What does it mean to be "mad as hops"?

  • You're super angry
  • You're super excitable
  • You're crazy as a loon
  • You're in love

Is it a good idea to be powdering your hair on a Saturday night?

  • Yes, your hair will look better
  • No, because no one wants to see you with your shirt off
  • Yes, go ahead and get drunk
  • No, you should never do that with an animal

When you're being called a meater, what does that mean?

  • You're a coward
  • You're a carnivore
  • You like to meet people
  • You're a hunter