The Ultimate Humidifier Quiz
by Staff
Stop slathering yourself in lotions and creams. If you have chapped winter skin, a humidifier may be the solution to your woes. Take this quiz to learn how a humidifier can improve the comfort of your home and save you money on your heating bill.

When was the basic home humidifier patented?

  • 1897
  • 1900
  • 1903

Dry skin can be caused by which level of humidity?

  • low humidity
  • high humidity
  • no humidity

What is the ideal level of humidity for inside your home?

  • 25 percent
  • 45 percent
  • 65 percent

What's the term for the amount of moisture in the air?

  • relative humidity
  • static humidity
  • fluctuating humidity

What happens when the relative humidity is 100 percent?

  • water won't evaporate
  • wood floors will creak
  • your skin will dry out

Which tool measures the humidity level in your home?

  • thermometer
  • barometer
  • hygrometer

What will the humidity level inside your home probably be when the outside temperature is freezing?

  • 20 percent
  • 30 percent
  • 50 percent

How does low humidity cause creaking sounds in the home?

  • dries out fabric
  • dries out wood
  • dries out electrical wiring

What causes sparks to fly when humidity is low?

  • faulty electrical wiring
  • love at first sight
  • static electricity buildup

Why is a humidifier good for the family budget during colder months?

  • It can lower your heating costs.
  • It can lower your water bill.
  • It can lower your electric bill.

What is a simple way to humidify your home?

  • Put a wet towel near a heating duct.
  • Open windows to let in fresh air.
  • Place several bowls of water around your home.

Which of these is a popular type of humidifier?

  • prismatic
  • steam
  • ionic

How much does an inexpensive steam humidifier cost?

  • $10
  • $30
  • $50

Why should families with children be cautious about steam vaporizers?

  • They can easily tip over.
  • Steam can cause burns.
  • Steam harbors bacteria.

What is a concern of impeller and ultrasonic humidifiers?

  • They are extremely noisy.
  • They can harbor bacteria.
  • They are not very effective.

Which surfaces in your house are NOT affected by low humidity?

  • marble and tile
  • walls and ceilings
  • wood floors

What does an ultrasonic humidifier create?

  • cool fog
  • hot steam
  • water droplets

What does a wick/evaporative humidifier have in common with a candle?

  • They both use wax.
  • They both have a wick.
  • They're both decorative objects.

Static electricity can shock you when you touch what type of material?

  • plastic
  • wood
  • metal

How can you humidify your entire house?

  • Run hot water through all showerheads and sinks at the same time for 10 minutes every day.
  • Hook up a humidifier to your home's heating and cooling system.
  • Open all your windows when it rains.