Mockingjays and Archers' Arrows: 'The Hunger Games' Quiz
by Staff
Lucky you! You’ve been chosen by the Capitol to represent your District in 'The Hunger Games' Quiz. Are you ready? In the words of Effie Trinket, "Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Before Suzanne Collins wrote "The Hunger Games," she worked on which Nickelodeon Emmy-nominated television program?

  • "iCarly"
  • "Clarissa Explains It All"
  • "Hannah Montana"

Collins wrote another book series prior to writing "The Hunger Games" trilogy. What’s the name of the lead character?

  • George
  • Gael
  • Gregor

What inspired Suzanne Collins to write "The Hunger Games?"

  • her favorite novel as a child
  • an experience in high school
  • reality TV

Which military-themed movie helped the author visualize the weaponry and battle scenes for the book?

  • "Red Dawn"
  • "Rambo"
  • "Saving Private Ryan"

Now, on to the book itself. In "The Hunger Games," what do they call the selection process where they choose the children who will fight to the death?

  • the sowing
  • the reaping
  • the lottery

What natural resource is District 12 known for?

  • diamonds
  • coal
  • iron ore

Which boy from District 12 did Katniss nickname “the boy with the bread?”

  • Gale
  • Peeta
  • Haymitch

When Katniss and Peeta arrive at The Capitol, they encounter an Avox. What the heck is an Avox?

  • a weapon
  • a traitor
  • an animal

Some tributes are volunteers who were born and bred for competing to the death. What nickname do District 12 residents call these kids?

  • Vols
  • Careers
  • Fighters

"The Hunger Games" features some very unique wildlife. What’s a jabberjay?

  • a mechanical bird
  • a spy bird
  • a gossipy girl

Name another deadly animal designed by the Capitol.

  • tracker jackers
  • fear deer
  • slammin’ salmon

Which character refers to the Games as “a big, big, big day?”

  • Caesar Flickerman
  • Effie Trinket
  • Plutarch Heavensbee

When the Games begin, what's the name of the storage facility from which the tributes grab supplies?

  • the Cornucopia
  • the Barrack
  • the Magazine

Katniss receives some wise advice from Haymitch before the competition. What did he say?

  • "Make an impression."
  • "May the odds be ever in your favor"
  • "Stay alive."

Four weeks before “The Hunger Games” movie was released, Lionsgate started selling advanced tickets and broke a one-day record originally held by which movie?

  • "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"
  • "The Twilight Saga: New Moon"
  • "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"

Who wrote and produced the film adaptation of "The Hunger Games?"

  • Billy Ray
  • Suzanne Collins
  • Gary Ross

Some critics think Suzanne Collins borrowed the idea for "The Hunger Games" from a 1999 Japanese novel. What’s the title?

  • "Battle Royale"
  • "Stacy"
  • "Sputnik Sweetheart"

If Suzanne Collins didn’t borrow her themes from "Battle Royale," then what epic tale did she base her story on?

  • "The Handmaid’s Tale"
  • "Theseus and the Minotaur"
  • "1984"

Which famous Young Adult author claims that "The Hunger Games" is the "closest thing to a perfect adventure novel" that he’s ever read?

  • Carl Hiassen
  • Philip Pullman
  • Rick Riordan

"The Hunger Games" movie’s soundtrack features two songs from which popular country music artist?

  • Taylor Swift
  • Miranda Lambert
  • Carrie Underwood