The Ultimate Hunting Leases Quiz
by Staff
Hunting leases enable people hunt animals on land they do not own. They are agreements that came into being because of the growing shortage of public land available for hunting. Take this quiz to learn more about the modern phenomenon of hunting leases.

What is a hunting lease?

  • an agreement between the owner of the land and a hunter
  • an agreement between the government and a hunter
  • an agreement between the wildlife organization and a hunter

What caused the rise of hunting leases?

  • shortage of wild animals
  • shortage of public land
  • abundance of wild animals

When did modern hunting leases came into existence?

  • 1950s
  • 1940s
  • 1930s

What is the average size of hunting land leased by hunters in the U.S.?

  • 229 acres
  • 558 acres
  • 1,116 acres

What is the average leasing rate of hunting land in the U.S.?

  • $1.13 per acre
  • $2.27 per acre
  • $8.81 per acre

What is the most traditional form of hunting lease?

  • all-pass access
  • for-fee access
  • non-fee access

What form of hunting lease does not involve a fee, but isn't free either?

  • exchange of services
  • all-pass access
  • courtesy access

What is the most basic form of paid hunting lease?

  • weekly hunting leases
  • daily hunting leases
  • monthly hunting leases

What form of hunting lease is ideal for landowners who want to host multiple hunters on their property throughout the year?

  • decade-long hunting leases
  • long-term hunting leases
  • short-term hunting leases

What type of hunting lease is beneficial for both the land and its animal inhabitants?

  • long-term hunting leases
  • short-term hunting leases
  • daily hunting leases

What important factor comes into consideration when hunting lease agreements are being made?

  • type of guns
  • type of species
  • type of ammunition

Which of these persons is not necessary when drawing up a hunting lease agreement?

  • attorney
  • insurance agent
  • doctor

Which of these points are not covered in a hunting lease agreement?

  • location of evening parties
  • permitted activities
  • beginning and end dates

Which helps landowners protect themselves against liability issues?

  • video camera
  • limited liability corporation
  • informal safety agreements

What is the recommended way for landowners to get into the business of hunting leases?

  • exchange for services
  • lease everything
  • start small

What is an ideal way to get word-of-mouth publicity for your hunting land?

  • Host fundraisers for animal welfare.
  • Allow people to hunt for free.
  • Start a restaurant.

Which factor doesn't influence the price of hunting leases?

  • the quality, diversity and size of the wildlife
  • the number of children you have
  • the number of hunters using the land and the amount of wildlife the land can support

What is the technical name of the landowner on the hunting lease agreement?

  • lender
  • leaser
  • lessor

What is the technical name of the hunter on the hunting lease agreement?

  • lessee
  • leasee
  • lancer

What can landowners and hunters do to preserve the quality of the hunting land?

  • Hunt only five days a week.
  • Keep detailed inventories of the land.
  • Choose daily hunting leases.