I Love Lucy: Celebrity Guests Quiz
by Staff
Lucille Ball knew just about everyone in Hollywood, and it seems like all of those celebrities eventually wound up on her show. How much do you know about "I Love Lucy" guest appearances?

Which guest star appeared opposite Doris Day in "Pillow Talk?"

  • Richard Widmark
  • Billy Wilder
  • Rock Hudson

Which guest star was a well-known Hollywood costume designer?

  • William Holden
  • Don Loper
  • Cornel Wilde

Lucy convinces which new neighbor to attend a PTA show?

  • June Haver
  • Tallulah Bankhead
  • Betty Grable

Which of the Marx Brothers appeared on the show?

  • Chico
  • Harpo
  • Zeppo

Which actor spends time at the Ricardo home in an attempt to finish a book?

  • Barney Phillips
  • Jimmy Demaret
  • Milton Berle

Lucy asks which celebrity to autograph a stolen grapefruit?

  • Allen Jenkins
  • Richard Widmark
  • Cornel Wilde

Hedda Hopper appeared on numerous Hollywood productions but was famous for what?

  • A Hollywood gossip column
  • Marrying numerous movie stars
  • Being an heiress

Which guest star had her own sitcom, called "Private Secretary?"

  • Angela Cartwright
  • Bette Davis
  • Ann Sothern

What role did Gale Gordon play in multiple episodes?

  • Ricky's friend
  • Ricky's attorney
  • Ricky's boss

Guest star Harry James was best known for which skill?

  • Drinking
  • Card playing
  • Trumpet playing

Which actress played the supervisor in the memorable episode about the candy factory?

  • Elvia Allman
  • Eve Arden
  • Hedda Hopper

Which "Lucy" guest was one of 20th Century Fox's biggest stars in the 1940s?

  • Sheldon Leonard
  • Van Johnson
  • Cornel Wilde

Which guest also had a starring role in "Green Acres?"

  • Bea Benaderet
  • Eva Gabor
  • Kate Bradley

Which guest actor played the Joker in the "Batman" TV series?

  • Bob Jellison
  • Cesar Romero
  • Howard Duff

What job does Frank Nelson have during his stints on the show?

  • Dog trainer
  • Game show host
  • Banker

Which guest star starred in Alfred Hitchock's "Dial M for Murder?"

  • Paul Douglas
  • Howard Duff
  • Robert Cummings

Who played Mr. Ritter, who attempts to have an affair with Lucy?

  • Richard Keith
  • Frank Nelson
  • Edward Horton

K.T. Stevens plays a new neighbor in the Ricardo's building. Ricky mistakenly believes she is what?

  • A spy
  • A prostitute
  • A con artist

On how many episodes of the show did Tennessee Ernie Ford appear?

  • six
  • five
  • three

To which state do the two couples travel to see Red Skelton?

  • Hawaii
  • Alaska
  • Maine

What does Sheldon Leonard do that costs the Ricardos money during one show?

  • Sells Lucy a defective vacuum cleaner.
  • Sells them a useless insurance policy
  • Sells Ricky a head scarf

Which guest star had a huge hit in the 1974 movie "The Towering Inferno?"

  • Rock Hudson
  • William Holden
  • Van Johnson

Which guest star was cast in "The Avengers" movie in 1950?

  • Fernando Lamas
  • Jack Dodson
  • Howard McNear

With which actor does Lucy have to perform a dance routine in order to impress a rival?

  • Van Johnson
  • Gerald Mohr
  • Hal March

Which guest actor was better known for his role as the barber in "The Andy Griffith Show?"

  • Howard McNear
  • Jack Dodson
  • Eugene Levy

Which person had a limited appearance in the show but she was a huge star thanks to "Grease?"

  • Jamie Donnelly
  • Stockard Channing
  • Eve Arden

During an episode with which actor does Lucy abruptly find herself in the middle of a bullfight?

  • Maurice Chevalier
  • Danny Thomas
  • Paul Douglas

Lucy and Ethel try to steal the sidewalk footprints of which celebrity, who winds up appearing on the same episode?

  • Red Skelton
  • John Wayne
  • Frank MacMurray

Why does Lucy ask Roberta (Eve McVeagh) to dye her hair black in one episode?

  • She needs a disguise to steal artwork.
  • She wants to move away and start a new family.
  • She wants to conceal her identity and test Ricky's loyalty.

Which actress assists Lucy in her attempts to enter a race horse at Roosevelt Raceway?

  • Betty Grable
  • Eva Gabor
  • Stockard Channing