Dollars and Sense: Identity Theft Challenge Quiz
by Staff
Are you at risk of having your identity stolen? Do you know what to do if it happens? Find out how prepared you are to prevent identity theft by taking our quiz.

According to a 2003 survey, how many people in the United States were victims of identity theft in 2002?

  • 5 million people
  • 10 million people
  • 20 million people

What is the most common form of identity theft?

  • Credit card fraud
  • Faked identification (licenses and passports)
  • Electronic card spoofing

What is phishing?

  • A scam designed to trick a person into divulging personal information
  • A police strategy meant to fool criminals into using stolen information
  • A credit card company policy that requires members to validate their information regularly

Which of these is not a method thieves use to gain access to passwords and other personal information?

  • Cloned Web sites
  • Keylogging programs
  • DDoS attacks

What's the term for devices that attach directly to credit card machines and record information?

  • Spoofers
  • Cloners
  • Skimmers

Which of the following acronyms stands for an Internet security protocol used by many online businesses?

  • SSL
  • TCP
  • IP

How can you tell if a Web site uses SSL protocols?

  • The site will have the official SSL seal in the lower left corner of the page
  • The site's URL begins with https
  • An unblockable pop-up dialog box will appear and let you know you're on a secure page

How many credit cards should you use for online purchases?

  • Just one
  • You should rotate three or four cards for purchases
  • You should never use a credit card

Equifax and Experian are two of the three credit information services in the United States -- what's the third?

  • Innotech
  • Yoyodyne
  • TransUnion

What federal agency is in charge of dealing with complaints of identity theft?

  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
  • Federal Reserve System