Last Great Race: Iditarod Quiz
by Staff
Volunteers who set out to mark the Iditarod course before the race begins are known as trailbreakers. Marking the trail on snow machines helps prevent mushers and their teams from veering off course. Other volunteers include the group of pilots affectionately known as the Iditarod Air Force, who transport food for the sled dogs to each checkpoint.

The Iditarod begins in what Alaskan town on the first Saturday in March?

  • Anchorage
  • Fairbanks
  • Juneau

The length of the Iditarod course is roughly:

  • 500 miles
  • 1,100 miles
  • 2,400 miles

During the Iditarod, the temperature has been known to drop as low as:

  • 10 degrees Fahrenheit below zero
  • 40 degrees Fahrenheit below zero
  • 60 degrees Fahrenheit below zero

The Iditarod is run on two different courses, a northern route and a southern route. How is the route chosen each year?

  • The winner from the previous year picks his or her preferred route.
  • The northern route is used in even years, while the southern route is used in odd years.
  • Twenty-six towns in Alaska vote on which route they prefer, and the route with the most votes is used.

The first Iditarod was held in what year?

  • 1905
  • 1941
  • 1973

The Iditarod trail is the same route that was used:

  • by native fisherman many centuries ago, when they traveled from their villages to the sea
  • by those involved in the gold rush in the early 1900s to reach Alaskan mining towns
  • by American explorers venturing to Alaska after the U.S. purchased the land from Russia

What is the entry fee for each musher in the Iditarod?

  • 500 dollars
  • 3000 dollars
  • There is no entry fee; qualification is based on performance in preliminary sled dog races.

Wheel dogs are:

  • right in front of a musher's sled and generally the largest and strongest dogs on the team
  • the most intelligent and fastest dogs who run in front of the pack
  • usually in the middle of a team, helping to direct them around turns and curves

How many calories a day do sled dogs need to consume when training or racing?

  • 5,000 calories
  • 10,000 calories
  • 50,000 calories

Trailbreakers are:

  • animal rights activists who attempt to destroy the course before the race in protest
  • the fastest mushers from checkpoint to checkpoint, who receive special prizes for their feats
  • volunteers who navigate the Iditarod trail before the race on snow machines to place makers