Indoor Plants Quiz
by Staff
Indoor plants might not be on your mind all the time, but chances are they've rooted a permanent place in your home. Everyone can use a little greenery, so it's not surprising that indoor plants are extremely common all over the world. They can personalize, beautify and purify any living environment. Find out how much you know about these all-natural room enhancers by taking this quiz.

Do you know what spider plants look like? Which of these is the best description of this perennially popular indoor plant?

  • Spider plants have long, slender leaves and are one of the most common hanging plants.
  • They can be found sitting on the floor or hanging from the ceiling, but they always have eight leaves -- no more, no less.
  • They're often confused with housefly plants, which are lime-colored and have thick, fuzzy leaves.

Orchids are:

  • named after a top-secret research station on an extremely remote island
  • one of the world's most popular commercial flowers and potted indoor plants
  • imported plants that can only be grown in tropical climates

Though it can be quite painful to mishandle a cactus, these prickly plants are frequently found in homes. What is the best advice for would-be cactus owners?

  • Treat them just like any other houseplant, and commit to a regular watering schedule.
  • Water them less frequently than you would other plants, but still at least once a week.
  • Neglect them!

Venus flytraps are:

  • perfectly harmless to humans
  • one of the only houseplants that must kill to eat
  • both of the above

What season do Boston ferns love best?

  • Winter -- like your kids, Boston ferns love snow days!
  • Summer -- this is when Boston ferns thrive!
  • This is a plant for all seasons.

Which description best fits mother-in-law's tongue?

  • It's got tall, straight-standing leaves that look great in almost any indoor environment.
  • You'll know this plant by short, drooping leaves that look best hanging from a basket.
  • This prickly plant has squat green leaves tipped with red.

What's the main challenge of maintaining coffee plants?

  • You have to keep them in well-ventilated rooms because the smell of coffee is really strong.
  • They require watering three times a day.
  • Coffee plants must be trimmed and pruned on a regular basis.

Money trees are:

  • easy to care for but do not sprout currency
  • not real, sorry
  • difficult to manage, but may occasionally sprout a Benjamin for your efforts

Which of these best describes pocketbook plants?

  • They're named for their pouch-shaped flowers.
  • They'll bloom for several weeks in the spring, but should be discarded after the season.
  • both of the above

Which of the following is true about peacock plants?

  • Peacock plants thrive in indirect sunlight and fluorescent light.
  • They have multicolored leaves.
  • These plants leaves' are arranged in a fan shape.