The IndyCar Quiz
by Staff
Does the sight of an IndyCar get your motor running? Take our IndyCar quiz and see if you can make it to the checkered flag. Start your engines!

When was the first IndyCar race held?

  • 1909
  • 1910
  • 1911

How many races will make up the 2016 IndyCar Series?

  • 14
  • 16
  • 18

Which wireless communications company is the title sponsor of the IndyCar Series?

  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon

What organization is the current sanctioning body for the Verizon IndyCar Series?

  • American Automobile Association
  • United States Auto Club

Which trophy is given to the winner of the Indianapolis 500?

  • Harley J. Earl Trophy
  • Borg-Warner Trophy
  • Maurice G. Bauer Trophy

Verizon IndyCar Series races are only held on oval racecourses.

  • TRUE

What is the nickname for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

  • The Brickyard
  • The Oval
  • The Boneyard

What is the most-watched race of the Verizon IndyCar Series?

  • The Monaco Grand Prix
  • The Daytona 500
  • The Indianapolis 500

Who was the first female driver in an IndyCar race?

  • Janet Guthrie
  • Lyn St. James
  • Sarah Fisher

Which two automobile manufacturers supply the engines used in Verizon IndyCar Series cars?

  • Ford and Fiat
  • Toyota and Dodge
  • Chevrolet and Honda

Which organization was the original sanctioning body of IndyCar racing?

  • American Automobile Association
  • United States Auto Club
  • Indy Racing League

Cars in the Verizon IndyCar Series use which fuel for racing?

  • E85 ethanol
  • nitromethane
  • methanol

What was the average speed of the first IndyCar race winner in 1909?

  • 52 miles per hour
  • 54 miles per hour
  • 56 miles per hour

The IndyCar race schedule once included The Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

  • TRUE

What is the parent company of the Verizon IndyCar Series?

  • Verizon
  • Hulman & Company
  • Brickyard Racing

Which company supplies tires for the Verizon IndyCar Series?

  • Michelin
  • Goodyear
  • Firestone

What is the name of the external opening of the fuel cell on an Indy car?

  • Gas cap
  • Nozzle
  • Buckeye

How much horsepower does a 2.2-liter Verizon IndyCar Series engine produce?

  • 300-400
  • 400-500
  • 500-700

Which driver has the most wins in IndyCar racing history?

  • A.J. Foyt
  • Mario Andretti
  • Al Unser, Sr.

Which automobile mogul built the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

  • Henry Ford
  • Carl Fisher
  • John T. Rainier

The Borg-Warner Trophy goes home with each Indy 500 winner until the following year.

  • TRUE

What is the top speed of the cars in the Verizon IndyCar Series?

  • 200 miles per hour
  • 215 miles per hour
  • 235 miles per hour

How much do Verizon IndyCar Series cars weigh?

  • 1,545 pounds
  • 3,400 pounds
  • 5,000 pounds

At top speed, how far does an IndyCar travel in one second?

  • 322 feet
  • 344 feet
  • 388 feet

Who was the first female driver to win an IndyCar race?

  • Pippa Mann
  • Milka Duno
  • Danica Patrick

How much does a Verizon IndyCar Series car cost?

  • $500,000
  • $750,000
  • $1 million

What year was the Indianapolis 500 first held?

  • 1910
  • 1911
  • 1912

The original track surface at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was made of bricks.

  • TRUE

Who was the first driver to drink milk in Victory Lane at the Indy 500?

  • Louis Meyer
  • Ray Harroun
  • George Souders

Which driver won the IndyCar Series Driver Championship for 2015?

  • Juan Pablo Montoya
  • Graham Rahal
  • Scott Dixon