The Ultimate Inexpensive Room Upgrading Quiz
by Staff
Just because you live on a budget, you don't have to live in a cheap-looking home. By making wise choices, you can make your room look classy and expensive, while not spending a lot. Find out how much you know about upscale design on a budget by taking this quiz.

What color is a classier alternative to gold for decorating your home?

  • silver
  • black
  • mahogany

What treatment can you use to make your photos look more sophisticated?

  • using a cluster of silver-plated frames of different sizes
  • placing them in frames with a thin line of gold around the edges
  • making small prints and hanging them without frames

What item in your home can be replaced with vinyl?

  • carpets
  • wallpaper
  • cabinet doors

What are some benefits of vinyl flooring?

  • a variety of colors and the ability to mimic other types of flooring
  • resistance to stains and eco-friendly
  • fire-resistant and naturally insulating

What is vinyl made of?

  • chlorine and ethylene
  • fluorine and plastic
  • polyurethane and benzene

What is preferable to (and cheaper than) expensive metals, floor coverings and wall colors to add class to your room?

  • fresh, seasonal flowers
  • a permanent, silk plant
  • large mirrors

How often should you change fresh flowers in your room to maintain a fresh look?

  • every day
  • twice a week
  • every week

How can you draw attention to a colorful accessory item?

  • by using white furnishings
  • by placing it in front of a black wall
  • by putting a mirrored tray beneath it

What effect do light shades and jewel tones achieve?

  • openness and depth, respectively
  • brightness and energy, respectively
  • warmth and relaxation, respectively

What needless mistake can make even classy room feel cheap?

  • messy clutter
  • a bad furniture layout
  • a rug that is very large