The Ultimate Infrared Heaters Quiz
by Staff
If the subject of infrared heating is unfamiliar to you, join the crowd. Infrared heating may be an economic and environmentally friendly option for specific heating needs. Take this quiz to see how red-hot your knowledge about infrared heaters is.

How may an infrared heater be useful for a home improvement project?

  • dry paint
  • hang cabinets
  • install a faucet

Why can't you see infrared light?

  • beyond the color spectrum
  • not visible
  • both answers

Infrared heaters use electricity, propane and:

  • wood
  • natural gas
  • coal

The heating element of an infrared heater will have what type of protective cover?

  • copper or iron
  • steel or brass
  • both answers

How do infrared heaters differ?

  • fuel source
  • maximum temperature
  • both answers

Why are some people hesitant to use infrared heaters?

  • risk of cancer
  • environmentally unfriendly
  • harmful fumes

In your health spa, where may you find infrared heaters?

  • infrared saunas
  • infrared hair dryers
  • infrared tanning booths

Infrared heaters focus their heat on an:

  • object
  • air flow
  • neither answer

Infrared heat that is used in saunas is similar to the sun's warming rays, minus what?

  • suntan lotion
  • UV rays
  • sunglasses

Why may infrared heat be useful in large warehouse spaces?

  • counter loss of heat
  • cost effective
  • both answers

Which fuel source of infrared heat does not emit harmful fumes?

  • electric
  • propane
  • natural gas

Which fuel is considered the least damaging of the fossil fuels?

  • natural gas
  • petroleum
  • coal

Where does infrared heat come from?

  • burning fuel
  • infrared light
  • electromagnets

How do infrared heaters warm?

  • absorb light
  • indirect heat
  • neither answer

Some infrared heaters use different parts to create heat. How many parts are there in these types of heaters?

  • two
  • three
  • four