The Ultimate Installing Ceramic Tile Quiz
by Staff
Want to redecorate your bathroom for as low a cost as possible? Do as much of it as you can yourself to save on those dollars. With modern, fast-setting materials, tiling a bathroom wall yourself is easy and quick. Take our quiz to find out how to go about it.

Which of these items are helpful, but not necessary, when tiling a bathroom wall?

  • a saber saw
  • grout
  • toothbrush

What should the condition of the bathroom wall be before you tile it?

  • freshly painted
  • new
  • smooth

When is a primer necessary?

  • When the paint is old or peeling.
  • If the plaster is new or on unfinished drywall.
  • If the bathroom will have lots of traffic, as added protection from moisture.

Which wall should you start at?

  • The wall which contains the faucet.
  • The wall adjacent to the faucet.
  • The wall opposite the faucet.

By how much does the bathtub need to be uneven to make it necessary to adjust the first row of tiles?

  • 1/8 inch
  • 1/4 inch
  • 1/2 inch

What instrument should you use for exact measurements when drawing lines on the bathroom wall?

  • a ruler
  • a level
  • a chalk line

Which tile will need to be cut?

  • the tile next to the corner
  • the tile on the outer edge
  • the tiles on the starter row

How much mastic should you spread at a time?

  • You should spread one row worth of mastic.
  • You should spread three rows worth of mastic.
  • You should spread as much mastic as you'll be able to cover with tiles in half an hour.

How should you press each tile into the mastic?

  • gently
  • with a slight twisting motion
  • firmly

In what pattern should you install the tiles?

  • horizontally -- row by row
  • vertically -- row by row
  • in a step-stair pattern

What are escutcheons?

  • tile pliers
  • the chrome rings around faucets and spouts
  • the edge caps

When can the grout be applied to the tiles?

  • when the mastic is completely dry
  • half an hour after installing the tiles
  • the day after installing the tiles

What do you need to do to the tiles before applying grout?

  • Scrape the excess mastic off them.
  • Wet them.
  • Coat them with water proofer.

What should you use to wipe away excess grout?

  • a toothbrush
  • a knife blade
  • a wet sponge

Once the grout has dried, what should you apply?

  • sealant
  • polish
  • water proofer