The Ultimate Installing French Doors Quiz
by Staff
The grandeur and elegance of French doors makes them well worth the investment. Rather than increasing your cost by hiring a professional to install them, you might want to try doing it yourself. You'll find the project is relatively simple. First, though, take our quiz to learn everything you'll need to know to install French doors.

What is the main difference between French doors and regular doors?

  • French doors are manufactured in France.
  • French doors have large glass panes that let in a lot of light.
  • French doors are made of French Oak.

Many people prefer French doors over sliding doors for what reason?

  • French doors are less expensive than sliding doors.
  • French doors take up less space than sliding doors.
  • French doors are more elegant than sliding doors.

At one time French doors were thought to be a security problem for which of these reasons?

  • French doors don't lock.
  • French doors don't have a center jam.
  • The glass panes of French doors can be easily removed.

Where in a house are French doors most often placed?

  • the exit to the patio
  • between the living room and dining room
  • the entrance to the master bedroom

Which of these safety features is essential when installing French doors?

  • rubber gloves
  • safety glasses
  • knee pads

Which of these tasks should you always leave to a professional?

  • You should hire a professional to cut a new opening into a wall.
  • You should hire a professional to install the hinges.
  • You should hire a professional to polish the brass door knobs.

French doors tend to cost about how much money?

  • hundreds of dollars
  • thousands of dollars
  • tens of thousands of dollars

Which of these common occurrences could require you to reinstall your French doors.

  • The house might settle.
  • The doors might swell.
  • The walls might collapse.

To protect your home from the elements, you should take care to do which of these when installing your French doors?

  • Keep the doors closed at all times.
  • Seal the openings of the doorframe.
  • Insulate the doors.

The first step to installing French doors is to do what?

  • Remove the old frame.
  • Measure the opening.
  • Paint the frame.

What tools should you use to remove a door frame?

  • hammer and nails
  • hammer and pry bar
  • hammer and sickle

Once you have removed the old frame, you must make sure the opening is what?

  • perfectly square
  • properly painted
  • clean and disinfected

What tools should you use to make sure the opening is square?

  • a level and a carpenter's square
  • a tape measure and yard stick
  • square and compass

What will you use to keep the frame in place during installation?

  • nails
  • shims
  • glue

Before screwing the frame into place you should do which of these?

  • Test the doors to make sure they open and close properly.
  • Apply the epoxy glue that will hold the frame in place.
  • Apply caulk around the edge of the frame.