The Ultimate International Stock Funds Quiz
by Staff
International stock funds open new investment opportunities in a world that is growing ever more connected. However, is a new opportunity automatically a good one? Find out what you know about these funds by taking this quiz, and learn whether they are a good choice for your investments.

What is an international stock fund?

  • a type of mutual fund
  • the pooled money of international investors
  • a fund that buys overstocked foreign products

What exactly is stock in a company?

  • a share of ownership
  • a temporary loan of capital
  • an agreement to purchase at a later date

What is a dividend?

  • a portion of profits paid to the stockholders
  • a rise in the price of the stock's shares
  • a cash bonus that is designed to encourage the initial purchase of the stock

Where were mutual funds invented?

  • The United States
  • the Netherlands
  • India

What is the main benefit of investing via a mutual fund?

  • more purchasing power
  • no capital gains taxes
  • one person's investment loss can be covered by another's gain

Who decides which stocks the mutual fund buys?

  • a professional investment manager
  • the fund's shareholders vote on it
  • each individual shareholder chooses where to invest his or her portion of the funds

Which type of international stock fund invests specifically in the companies of developing countries?

  • diversified international stock funds
  • specialized international stock funds
  • global international stock funds

What is a global international stock fund?

  • a fund that invests largely in both U.S. and foreign stocks
  • a fund that invests almost exclusively in non-American companies
  • a fund that invests in an equal distribution of companies on each continent

What is a close-ended mutual fund?

  • one that can only be sold to another investor, not back to the fund, until the fund closes
  • one that cannot be sold to anyone other than the fund itself
  • one that has a fixed term of investment before the fund terminates

What is a stock fund's "load?"

  • the sales charges it places on sales of shares
  • the length of time you must keep shares before you can sell them
  • the gross value of all of its investments