Tech Talk: Internet Cookie Quiz
by Staff
Right now, your computer has an array of tiny files that are keeping tabs on you. Test your knowledge of Internet cookies, one of the most misunderstood aspects of the Internet.

Which of these can Internet cookies not do?

  • collect personal information about a user
  • store information from a Web server on a user's computer
  • contain a unique ID for a computer

Where do Internet cookies come from?

  • a Web site's server
  • the Internet's central hub
  • outer space

Cookies store state information. What is that?

  • information about the size of your computer's hard drive
  • information about a user's preferences
  • top secrets that are surreptitiously stored on one user's computer then moved to another

Other information that a cookie may store about a user doesn't include:

  • how often you visit a Web site
  • items in your online shopping cart
  • preferences attached to other cookies

If you want to erase your cookies, what folder should you access on your PC?

  • Temporary Internet Files
  • Web Activity folder
  • Drivers folder

What's "targeting" as far as Internet cookies are concerned?

  • focused marketing
  • the process of accessing a user's cookie
  • finding a s physical location

DoubleClick is a company that produces cookies that:

  • contain a user's personal information
  • can track users across the Internet
  • smell like real, fresh-baked cookies

What kind of cookies does a 2003 White House Office of Management and Budget memo forbid?

  • benign cookies
  • dummy cookies
  • persistent cookies

The small, 1x1 pixel cookies implanted in banner ads are called:

  • devil cookies
  • Web bugs
  • Web scum

Cookies are written in what kind of text?

  • name-value pairs
  • DOS