The Ultimate Should You Invite Your Friends on Vacation Quiz
by Staff
When determining whether to invite friends along on a vacation, there are many factors to consider: the nature of your relationship, the way in which you each like to relax and unwind, and your respective financial circumstances.

Which of these is the key to enjoying a vacation with friends?

  • communication
  • money
  • time

The most likely cause of conflict between friends on vacation is which of these?

  • constant contact
  • boredom
  • alcohol

The most important potential benefit of sharing a vacation with friends is what?

  • reduced costs
  • improved friendships
  • better entertainment

Which of these concerns should be discussed in detail before the vacation starts?

  • financial concerns
  • choice of restaurants
  • ideal romantic retreats

The easiest way to avoid financial issues from coming up while on vacation together is to invite what type of friends?

  • You should invite very wealthy friends.
  • You should invite friends who are masters at saving money.
  • You should invite friends who share your financial circumstances and habits.

Even if you and your friends have similar financial statuses, why should you discuss the matter?

  • It's fun to talk about your financial situation with friends.
  • Spending habits are about more than just earnings.
  • Full discloser improves friendships.

One way to make sure you have more fun on a vacation with friends is to invite which of these?

  • You should invite people that are from your home town.
  • You should invite people who always agree to do what you want.
  • You should invite people with whom you share similar interests.

Rather than split every bill, you could try which of these methods?

  • Pay for everything yourself.
  • Agree ahead of time as to who will pay for which sorts of things.
  • Let your friends pay for everything.

How would you define a check snatcher?

  • A check snatcher is a friend who always tries to pay for the check.
  • A check snatcher is a server who grabs the check before you've had a chance to figure out the bill.
  • A check snatcher is thief who steals checks from people's wallets.

If the vacation is going to include children, you should do which of these?

  • Bring a nanny.
  • Make sure the kids get all get along.
  • Cancel the trip.