The Ultimate Iowa Family Vacations Quiz
by Staff
The State of Iowa contains rolling fields of green, old historical buildings, landmark bridges and lots more. It's a friendly and welcoming place for a family vacation. Take this quiz to test your knowledge about Iowa.

Iowa offers more competitive events in its state fair than any other U.S. state. How many events does it offer?

  • almost 300
  • almost 600
  • almost 900

Which of these are events in the state fair?

  • fairgrounds sweeping and jelly-fish eating
  • ice-cube collecting and leap-frog with sharks
  • the ugliest cake contest and quilt making

What does Iowa resident Duffy Lion do every year?

  • He rodeos on the back of a bull.
  • He sculpts 550 pounds (250 kilos) of butter into the form of a cow.
  • He makes an enormous plaque of the state of Iowa out of matchsticks.

What does livestock have to do with Iowa's state fair?

  • One of the world's biggest livestock shows takes place there.
  • The livestock shows that used to be there are no longer in existence.
  • There's a rule at the state fair forbidding the entry of livestock into the fairgrounds.

What special ice cream can you get at the state fair?

  • poached ice cream
  • fried ice cream
  • brandied ice cream

In what county was actor John Wayne born?

  • Sioux County
  • Madison County
  • Benton County

Across how many acres is the Madison County Historical Society building situated?

  • 14
  • 18
  • 28

Who wrote a best-selling novel that put Madison County on the map of recognition?

  • Robert Montgomery Bird
  • James Madison
  • Robert James Waller

What aspect about the bridges draws tourists to Madison County?

  • They're covered.
  • They're all painted green.
  • They are among the longest bridges in the U.S.

Which of these bridges is still in existence today in Madison County?

  • Cedar Bridge
  • Imes Bridge
  • Patterson Bridge

What is the reported cause of the destruction of Cedar Bridge in 2002?

  • flooding
  • collapse, due to its elderly structure
  • arson

Why did the Madison County Board of Supervisors prescribe that the bridges be covered?

  • to offer shade for travelers
  • to preserve the flooring timber
  • to make them a tourist attraction

How many communities make up the Amana Colonies?

  • three
  • five
  • seven

When were the Amana colonies established?

  • just before the Civil War
  • long after the Civil War
  • just before the outbreak of the first World War

If you go to the Museum of Amana History, you'll find an explanation of what the Amana colonies called:

  • History's Mark
  • the Last Threat
  • the Great Change