The Iraq War Quiz
by Staff
In 2003, a U.S.-led force blasted through Iraq and toppled Saddam Hussein, setting off a firestorm that still rages. How much do you know about the Iraq War?

When did the Iraq War begin?

  • 2001
  • 2002
  • 2003

Under what pretense did the United States and its allies invade Iraq?

  • Iraq had illegal weapons of mass destruction.
  • Saddam Hussein assisted the 9/11 attackers.
  • Iraqi spies stole data regarding U.S. nuclear bomb technology.

When did the Iraq War end?

  • 2011
  • 2013
  • It didn't.

In February 2003, how many people around the world protested impending military action against Iraq?

  • 2 to 3 million
  • 6 to 10 million
  • 12 to 16 million

About how many protests were held between January and April 2003?

  • 3,000
  • 600
  • 45

The Iraq Body Count project found that 174,000 people were killed during the war. How many of those people were civilians?

  • at least 112,000
  • at least 85,000
  • at least 45,000

How many days did major combat operations last during the invasion?

  • 21 days
  • 34 days
  • 46 days

In what year did the U.S. respond to the growing insurgency by implementing a "surge" of troops?

  • 2006
  • 2007
  • 2009

President Bush gave Hussein 48 hours to leave Iraq. After Hussein missed the deadline, how long did it take the U.S. to begin the invasion?

  • one day
  • 90 minutes
  • about five minutes

Between 2003 and 2014, how many U.S. service members were killed in Iraq?

  • 2,891
  • 4,491
  • 8,321

Following the invasion, how long did it take coalition forces to capture Saddam Hussein?

  • about 3 months
  • about 9 months
  • about a year

Which country didn't participate in the invasion but did assist the U.S. coalition after the initial incursion?

  • Iran
  • Poland
  • Australia

How did many citizens of the Sunni Triangle react to Saddam Hussein's capture?

  • They had already forgotten about him.
  • They were disappointed.
  • They were glad he was captured.

About how many U.S. service members were wounded in action?

  • about 56,000
  • about 32,000
  • about 12,000

Most attacks in the so-called Triangle of Death target which group?

  • British infantry
  • U.S. warplanes
  • Iraqis

What was the purpose of the Iraq Survey Group?

  • to find Iraq's weapons of mass destruction
  • to track and analyze casualties of the war
  • to perform a census and help spark the country's political process

Who was Private Lori Piestewa?

  • She was the first female soldier killed during the Iraq War.
  • She helped topple a statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad.
  • She found Saddam Hussein hiding in a "spider hole."

Why did coalition forces move to occupy the Al-Faw peninsula at the beginning of the war?

  • because some of Iraq's most elite forces were stationed there
  • to begin pumping oil from the fields there
  • to take control of vital ports

How was Saddam Hussein executed after being found guilty of crimes against humanity?

  • hanged
  • shot
  • lethal injection

Before the invasion a CBS poll showed that what percentage of Americans thought that an invasion of Iraq would only lead to more terrorism?

  • about 40%
  • about 60%
  • about 80%

How long did Saddam Hussein rule over (and sometimes kill) the Iraq people before he was ousted?

  • 33 years
  • 24 years
  • 18 years

In hindsight, what was the result of the 2007 troop surge?

  • The results were very unclear.
  • It was a waste of effort and money.
  • It worked.

About how many U.S. service members took part in the 2003 invasion?

  • 120,000
  • 190,000
  • 260,000

Who massacred 17 Iraqis in Baghdad in September 2007?

  • a privately-owned military company
  • a Polish marine unit
  • rogue Iraqi soldiers

In 2009, why were all charges stemming from the Blackwater massacre dismissed?

  • Blackwater threatened to murder the judge.
  • Prosecutors screwed up the case.
  • Blackwater paid off the judge.

According to Gen. Tommy Franks, the first goal of the invasion was to do what?

  • capture and kill terrorists
  • end Saddam's reign
  • find WMDs

How long was Pfc. Jessica Lynch held captive after her unit became lost during the invasion?

  • six months
  • three months
  • a week

The acronym ISIL is short for what?

  • Islamic Soldiers in Iran and Lesser Asia
  • Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
  • Islamic Sunshine and Israel's Lovefest

Which major Iraqi city did ISIL take under its control in June 2014?

  • Mosul
  • Baghdad
  • Aleppo

Before the start of the war, what did President Bush say to U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair?

  • that he didn't think different religious and ethnic groups in Iraq would battle each other following an invasion
  • that he wasn't sure the invasion would do any good
  • that he really liked his haircut