The Ultimate iRobot Looj Quiz
by Staff
Most homeowners consider cleaning the gutters to be the worst chore in the house. Now you can (almost) look forward to the task with the Looj, a remote-controlled robot introduced by iRobot in 2007. Take our quiz and see how this adorable minirobot can make quick work of one of your least favorite jobs.

What is the biggest danger when cleaning gutters?

  • You might break a gutter.
  • You might fall off a ladder.
  • You might miss your favorite TV show.

What company produces the Looj gutter cleaner?

  • General Motors
  • Microsoft
  • iRobot

Which of the following are key components of the Looj gutter cleaner?

  • electric screwdriver
  • toy truck
  • both of the above

Why is iRobot's gutter-cleaning robot called the Looj?

  • after the Olympic sport of luge
  • because it rhymes with huge
  • as a variation of the word deluge

Which part of the Looj actually shovels the leaves out of your gutter?

  • the shovel
  • the auger
  • the scooper

What propels the Looj through your gutter?

  • one tread
  • two treads
  • four treads

The Looj is capable of working in:

  • water
  • mud
  • sewage

The Looj gets its power from:

  • a 1.5 volt nickel-cadmium battery
  • a 2.5 volt nickel-cadmium battery
  • a 7.2 volt nickel-cadmium battery

Where is the electronic controller located in the Looj?

  • in the removable handle
  • in the auger
  • in the treads

The Looj's handle doubles as a:

  • radio
  • remote control
  • antenna

Which Looj accessory helps keep you safe while using the Looj to clean your gutters?

  • the belt clip
  • the removable handle and remote control
  • both of the above

The Looj is available in how many models?

  • one
  • two
  • three

What are some drawbacks of the Looj?

  • It has a hard time negotiating uneven surfaces.
  • It cannot turn corners.
  • both of the above

What type of vacuum cleaner can be used to clean out your gutters?

  • a wet-dry vacuum cleaner
  • an upright vacuum cleaner
  • a canister vacuum cleaner

What is the width of the Looj?

  • 3 1/4 inches wide (8.26 centimeters)
  • 4 1/4 inches wide (10.8 centimeters)
  • 5 1/4 inches wide (13.3 centimeters)