Quiz: Getting the Most Out of iTunes
by Staff
You may be an online media machine, with a library of music and video that far exceeds any of your friends. But are you getting the most out of iTunes? Take our quiz and see if you're as optimized as you think you are!

What music formats can iTunes play?

  • RA/RAM
  • Ogg
  • WMA

What types of video formats can iTunes play?

  • Real
  • mp4
  • MOV

What's the fastest way to move files from iTunes to a mobile media device?

  • Manually add files to your device every time you expand your library.
  • Plan to add files to your device every week to stay current with your iTunes library.
  • Select "autosync" and let iTunes do the work.

What are the EQ sliders in iTunes?

  • volume control for left and right speakers
  • tuning adjustments that control the pitch of the sound
  • balance adjustments that control the volume of specific sound frequency ranges

What's the most useful reason for adding album art to your iTunes library?

  • It lets you show off to friends.
  • It lets you add fine art to your song selections.
  • It can help you find desired songs faster.

Is it legal to share media files?

  • It's only legal for non-copyrighted content.
  • It's never legal.
  • It's always legal since the files are online.

Is it legal to share playlists?

  • You can share information about what songs are on the playlists, but cannot share the songs themselves.
  • Playlists are copyrighted just like songs.
  • Songs added to playlists become Web community content and can be shared.

True or false: Sometimes it's legal to download free music.

  • true
  • false

What's a no-cost way to keep iTunes running at peak performance?

  • Avoid installing Apple's updates: They slow down your computer.
  • Install updates as they become available.
  • None of iTunes' upgrades are free: Expect to pay at least 99 cents for an upgrade.

What are hotkeys?

  • key combinations that trigger specific commands
  • specific keys on your keyboard that are part of a secret password
  • the keys that have been pushed most on your keyboard