A Troubled Monarchy: James II/VII Quiz
by Staff
From bloody civil wars to glorious revolutions, chart the rise and fall of one of the Stuart monarchs of England, Scotland and Ireland, James II/VII. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of a not-so-merry period of the countries' histories.

James was King James II of England. What was his title in Scotland?

  • King James VII
  • James the Proper
  • King James

Who was King James' father?

  • Charles II
  • Charles I
  • William

Where did James live during the English civil wars?

  • London
  • Oxford, England
  • the Netherlands

James was forced to flee where?

  • Prussia
  • Spain
  • France

Why didn't James ascend to the throne after the monarchy was restored in 1660?

  • He refused the crown.
  • His older brother, Charles II, was the successor.
  • He still lived in France.

Why did James join the Spanish army before returning to England?

  • He lost a bet.
  • He needed a job.
  • His brother made an alliance with the Spanish.

After his brother took the throne, James became part of the British navy. What was his title?

  • commander in chief
  • lord high admiral
  • lord of the legion

James had a keen interest in …

  • colonial pursuits
  • poetry
  • French cuisine

He called for what to be seized from the Dutch?

  • Canada
  • Rhode Island
  • New York

James was raised in what religious tradition?

  • Puritan
  • Catholic
  • Anglican

James ended up converting to what religion in 1669?

  • Jainism
  • Puritanism
  • Catholicism

James had what kind of views of Protestantism?

  • favorable
  • extremely hateful
  • changing

James' first wife was …

  • a Spanish princess
  • a commoner
  • the daughter of a powerful Protestant lord

Anne and James were the subject of scandal because …

  • He had lots of mistresses.
  • They were openly affectionate.
  • both of the above

After Anne died, James caused even more scandal when …

  • He married a 15 year-old.
  • He refused to remarry.
  • He married a Catholic princess.

Why was James' religion becoming a more pressing problem?

  • He kept talking about it.
  • James was the likely successor to his brother, Charles II.
  • Charles II was getting more rabidly anti-Catholic.

A popular belief at the time involved what rumor about James?

  • He was secretly a priest.
  • He was plotting with Jesuits to assassinate his brother.
  • His wife was actually the pope's sister.

What steps were taken in a panic about James?

  • Parliament attempted to exclude him from succession.
  • He was exiled.
  • He was banned from London.

Charles died in 1685. Who ascended the throne?

  • Charles' illegitimate son
  • Charles' wife
  • James

Who attempted a rebellion after James' ascension?

  • James' son
  • Charles' illegitimate son
  • peasants

James' behavior occasionally promoted what kind of atmosphere in England?

  • strictly Catholic
  • religious toleration
  • entirely secular

James further angered a lot of his subjects by granting what?

  • new regiments to Catholic military leaders
  • pardons to all Catholics
  • a tax break to non-Anglicans

What surprise news made Protestants even more upset?

  • The queen was pregnant.
  • James was converting all his children to Catholicism.
  • James wouldn't name a successor.

What rumor dogged James' son's birth?

  • The baby wasn't James'.
  • The baby wasn't the queen's.
  • The baby wasn't James' or the queen's.

Meanwhile, some English politicians and leaders were asking whom to sail over with an army?

  • James' illegitimate son
  • William of Orange
  • Charles II's illegitimate son

How was William of Orange related to James?

  • He wasn't.
  • He was married to James' daughter.
  • He was a distant cousin, in the line of succession.

William and Mary were …

  • Catholic
  • technically Catholic, but with many Protestant allies and sympthies
  • Protestant

How long was the battle to unseat James?

  • nine months
  • four days
  • pretty much zero days

James was allowed to escape to …

  • France
  • Ireland
  • both of the above

James died in France, extremely devoted to …

  • Catholicism
  • his pet rabbits
  • his (unlikely) plot to take back the throne