Tech Talk: Java Quiz
by Staff
Java is a popular programming language that's relatively easy to use. Are you a programming guru or a novice? Take our quiz to find out.

Let’s start with an easy one! What is Java?

  • a strong cup of Joe
  • computer programming language
  • an energy corporation

What is the Java development environment?

  • Sun Microsystems headquarters
  • a customized, partitioned hard drive
  • a software development kit

What is an applet?

  • a small apple
  • a simple computer application
  • a Java-specific program

When programming in Java, which of the following must you keep in mind?

  • Java can handle parentheses, but not brackets
  • Java doesn't recognize spaces
  • case matters

What's the extension for a compiled Java file?

  • .class
  • .java
  • .xml

What kind of programming language is Java?

  • an object-oriented programming language
  • an array programming language
  • a logic programming language

What's another word for the programming term "method"?

  • theme
  • function
  • madness

What's the common term for an error within a computer program's code that prevents it from functioning properly?

  • a glitch
  • a hack
  • a bug

What's another name for an execution error?

  • sysfail
  • run-time error
  • noncompile error

What is a variable?

  • an unpredictable element in a Java program
  • a program that can run fast or slow depending on user input
  • a way to hold data temporarily in a program

What is the name for an application that changes a human-readable programming language into a machine-readable language?

  • compiler
  • converter
  • encoder

The act of removing bugs is called:

  • exterminating
  • proofing
  • debugging

Which of the following is NOT a type of variable in Java?

  • simple variables
  • classes
  • integers

About how much time is devoted to debugging while programming?

  • about 50 percent of the time of programming
  • about 10 percent of the time of programming
  • about 25 percent of the time of programming

Which of the following simple computer programs is needed in order to write a computer program?

  • Notepad
  • Paint
  • Calculator

Which of the following is NOT an example of another computer programming language?

  • C++
  • Basic
  • Soliloquy

What other programming language do you need to be familiar with to view your Java program?

  • CSS
  • Java
  • HTML

Those EXE files on your computer contain machine-readable programs translated from human-readable programs called what?

  • executables
  • exertives
  • exempts

What is it called when the code is written to perform repetitive operations?

  • cycling
  • looping
  • booming

What function does the semicolon serve in the Java programming language?

  • A page break.
  • It acts like the period at the end of the sentence.
  • It isn’t recognized.