Do You Know How to Pin Up Your Pearls?
by Staff
Whether you shine like Liberace with all of your accessories or only wear one signature piece of costume jewelry per day, each piece you own is probably precious to you, so you need to take care of them. Do you know what humidity will do to your metals or how your valuable diamonds can harm your other gemstones? Take this quiz to find out!

Which room should you never store your jewelry in?

  • bathroom
  • bedroom
  • kitchen

What condition is bad for most jewelry?

  • humidity
  • cold air
  • both a and b

What does humidity do to sterling silver?

  • tarnish
  • corrode
  • crack

What does humidity do to gold?

  • tarnish
  • corrode
  • crack

How should gold and silver be stored?

  • plastic bags
  • cotton bags
  • paper bags

Which of these is the hardest gemstone?

  • emerald
  • pearl
  • diamond

Which of these is a softer gemstone?

  • emerald
  • pearl
  • ruby

Which of these are the only gemstones to be found inside a living thing?

  • pearls
  • rubies
  • diamonds

True of False: It's OK to store gold with gold and silver with silver.

  • true
  • false

Which of these should be added to your jewelry box to help absorb moisture?

  • silica
  • charcoal
  • both a and b