Job vs. Hobby: How much can you make?
by Staff
We've all had those days when we feel like a cube monkey and think, "there must be a better way to make money!" Well, there might be a hobby that not only makes you money, but makes you more money than your current job. Test your knowledge and see what hobbies might pay your bills in our quiz.

Would you make more money photographing a wedding or in two weeks of answering phones in a call center?

  • Photographing wedding
  • Call center associate

True or False: A gardening hobby could be more lucrative than working as a paralegal.

  • TRUE

Which of the following professions would likely make you more money than online gambling ?

  • Registered nurse
  • Executive vice president of marketing
  • Fitness trainer
  • All of the above

Designing just one Web site could pay more than the monthly salary of what occupation?

  • Teacher
  • Lab technician
  • Florist
  • None of the above

Would you make more money indulging your passion as a freelance writer or teaching writing to middle school students?

  • Freelance writer
  • Middle school writing teacher

Is it better for your wallet to bartend or play guitar for a night at a local bar?

  • Play guitar
  • Bartender

Would you most likely make more money as a part-time nurse or selling your knitted creations on sites like

  • Part-time nurse
  • Freelance crafter

If you turn your love of baking into your full-time job, you could make more than which of the following jobs?

  • Jewelry salesman
  • Taxi driver
  • Sports reporter
  • None of the above

Would your weekly salary be more if you started a dog walking business or continued working as a marketing coordinator?

  • Dog walker
  • Marketing coordinator

If you're an iPhone fanatic, creating applications for smart phones could score you more than which of the following jobs?

  • Lawyer
  • Physicians assistant
  • Criminal scientist
  • None of the above

Would you make more money indulging your cycling interests as a bike courier or as a college professor?

  • College professor
  • Bike courier

True or False: If you love cars, a job as a car salesman would make you more than a receptionist.

  • TRUE

True or False: If you love clothes, opening a retail store would make you more than a job as a pharmaceutical salesman.

  • TRUE

Working as a personal shopper would make you more money on average than which of the following?

  • Information technology specialist
  • Pool cleaner
  • Executive assistant
  • None of the above

Would you make more money as a choreographer or a hotel concierge?

  • Choreographer
  • Hotel concierge

Would you make more as a retail sales associate or as a successful freelance photographer?

  • Retail sales associate
  • Freelance photographer

True or False: Working as a nanny would not make you as much as your hobby of arranging flowers.

  • TRUE