Quiz: Getting to Know John McCain
by Staff
Sen. John McCain is a retired Navy veteran, a supporter of the war in Iraq and the Republican Party's nominee for president. What is his past voting record, and what will he do if he's elected?

In what year was John McCain born?

  • 1936
  • 1938
  • 1934

Which of the following institutes did John McCain attend?

  • University of Arizona
  • U.S. Naval Academy
  • West Point

John McCain's political career began in 1982, when he became:

  • Arizona representative
  • Arizona senator
  • governor of Arizona

In 2006, John McCain voted for H.R. 6061. What did this vote concern?

  • comprehensive immigration reform
  • chain migration
  • a fence along the U.S./Mexico border

Of the following issues pertaining to ethics and morality, which did John McCain vote against?

  • a Constitutional amendment that would've given Congress the power to outlaw flag desecration
  • an amendment to expand funding for family planning and access to birth control
  • a bill that allowed for federal funding of research using embryonic stem cells

In regard to John McCain's presidential agenda and plans for foreign policy, which of the following is not one of his goals?

  • keeping U.S. troops in Iraq until the country has attained stability
  • initiating a military troop surge in Afghanistan
  • insulating the CIA from politics

Of the following statements about John McCain's fundraising, which is not true:

  • John McCain had so much trouble fundraising that some media outlets thought his campaign was dead.
  • The McCain camp saw a big surge in financial contributions after John McCain nominated Sarah Palin as his running mate.
  • John McCain expressed confusion about his lack of funding, saying that he enjoyed fundraising.

When John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate, critics pointed out that:

  • Palin has limited political experience aside from serving as mayor and first-term governor
  • Palin had initially declined the nomination
  • Palin had been openly critical of McCain in the media, hoping to gain publicity for her 2012 presidential campaign

Of the following books, which was not penned by John McCain?

  • "Hard Call"
  • "Faith of My Fathers"
  • "Profiles in Courage"

John McCain and his wife Cindy have how many children?

  • four sons and three daughters
  • two sons and five daughters
  • three sons and one daughter