The Ultimate Kangaroo Quiz
by Staff
People love to see kangaroo babies peeking out from their mother's pouch. Take this quiz to learn more about these hopping marsupials and how they suckle their young.

What type of animal is a kangaroo?

  • marsupial
  • monotreme
  • placental mammal

How many species of kangaroos are there?

  • 25
  • 35
  • 50

How do kangaroos run?

  • use large back feet and legs
  • hop instead of run
  • both answers

What are young kangaroos called?

  • joeys
  • flyers
  • boomers

What is the smallest of the kangaroo species?

  • rat
  • red
  • great

Which is the largest of the kangaroo species?

  • red
  • grey
  • great

How fast can great kangaroos hop?

  • 10 mph
  • 25 mph
  • 50 mph

What does the kangaroo use its small front legs and feet for?

  • gather leaves from plants
  • dig for water
  • both answers

How long is a kangaroo's hop?

  • 2 to 3 times its body length
  • 3 to 4 times its body length
  • 4 to 5 times its body length

What is the tail used for?

  • push off when hopping
  • balance on when standing
  • both answers

How many baby kangaroos can be born from a single pregnancy?

  • one
  • two to three
  • five to six

When does the newborn move to the mother's pouch?

  • two to three weeks
  • four to five weeks
  • eight to ten weeks

How big is a newborn kangaroo when it moves to the mother's pouch?

  • lima bean size
  • baby kitten size
  • neither answer

What can kangaroos be trained to do with humans?

  • box playfully
  • play football
  • play soccer

How does a wallaby differ from a kangaroo?

  • smaller bodies
  • smaller feet
  • both answers

Which animal has tough foot pads like hiking shoes?

  • rock wallaby
  • tree kangaroo
  • musky rat-kangaroo

When does a joey leave the pouch?

  • six months
  • eight months
  • one year

How does a kangaroo defend itself?

  • hit with its tail
  • kick with its back legs
  • both answers

What are red and eastern gray kangaroos hunted for?

  • meat
  • hides
  • both answers

What do kangaroos eat?

  • grass
  • small plants
  • both answers