The Ultimate Keeping Kids Organized Quiz
by Staff
Give your kids a head-start on being responsible adults by teaching them how to manage time and be organized from an early age. Children as young as preschool age may be able to grasp the concept of time. Take this quiz to see how good is your knowledge of keeping kids organized.

What challenge may teach children about the concept of time?

  • counting the seconds your children can hold their breath
  • counting the windows in your home
  • counting the beans in a bowl

A trip to the airport to watch the planes arrive and depart, may teach your children about:

  • calendars
  • scheduling
  • counting

What is the earliest age that children may be old enough to learn about the concept of time?

  • preschool age
  • elementary school age
  • high school age

When is the earliest age that children may be ready for a calendar?

  • kindergarten age
  • junior high age
  • high school age

For a kindergartener, what type of events are appropriate to mark on a calendar?

  • birthdays
  • holidays
  • both answers

For preteens, how many hours of sleep are recommended?

  • six
  • eight
  • 10

What is essential to organization?

  • preparation
  • lack of preparation
  • neither answer

Why should you get your children involved with organizing their belongings?

  • create enthusiasm about organization
  • children have the best ideas
  • both answers

How may you keep small items organized?

  • bins
  • boxes
  • both answers

What is a helpful use of notes and stickers?

  • label items
  • label tasks
  • both answers

Teaching your children the concept of time management may give them a:

  • delayed start
  • head-start
  • neither answer

What are the ages of preschoolers?

  • one to two
  • three to five
  • five to seven

What are the ages of preteens?

  • nine to 12
  • 10 to 14
  • 12

When may children be able to handle very a detailed schedule?

  • younger children
  • older children
  • both answers

What may be a good rule concerning homework?

  • finishing homework before starting recreational activities
  • finishing recreational activities before starting homework
  • not having to finish homework