The Ultimate Keeping Out Floodwater Quiz
by Staff
Floods cause tremendous amounts of home damage, so preventing the damage ahead of a flood's arrival is one of the most important preparations to make. What methods are available, and what would work best for your home? Take this quiz to find out.

Where do floods rank in terms of frequency among natural disasters that damage homes in the United States?

  • most frequent
  • second most frequent
  • fifth most frequent

What term applies to an area that is highly prone to flooding?

  • floodplain
  • flood zone
  • flooded

In a 20-year floodplain, what is the probability that the area will flood in the year following a first flood?

  • 1 percent
  • 5 percent
  • 20 percent

About how much damage can an inch of floodwater cause in a house?

  • 1250
  • 3100
  • 7800

If major flooding is predicted for your area, which of these things should you do?

  • Turn off your house's water supply.
  • Move all of your large appliances out of the house.
  • Open upper story windows to ventilate and prevent mildew.

How can you easily see if your yard is graded effectively to prevent flooding?

  • look for puddles in your yard after a rainstorm
  • examine which parts have better grass growth
  • clear your roof's rain gutters

Ideally, how far from the house should rain spouts divert rain water?

  • one foot
  • five feet
  • ten feet

How does dry flood proofing prevent water damage during a flood?

  • by preventing floodwaters from entering the house
  • by quickly drying the house, after the flood ends, to prevent most damage
  • by temporarily bricking up all windows

What is unique about wet flood proofing?

  • it allows water to enter the house
  • it only is useful for brick homes
  • it works for houses with concrete slab foundations

What does a sump pump do?

  • It gathers groundwater and moves it through pipes away from the house's foundation.
  • It quickly pumps any floodwater out of a basement.
  • It pumps the humidity out of a flooded house, leaving only dry air.