The Ultimate Kegerator Quiz
by Staff
If you're a beer drinker, you've probably heard of kegerators, but don't really know how they work. If you're not a beer drinker, you probably never even heard of a special type of refrigerator that keeps your beer keg cold and fresh. Either way, you will want to take our quiz and learn all about this unusual home appliance.

How are kegerators better than kegs?

  • They keep your beer cold and fresh.
  • They cost less.
  • They take up less space.

Which of the following are basic components of a kegerator?

  • a keg
  • a refrigerator
  • both of the above

Through which part of a kegerator is the beer poured into your glass?

  • the faucet
  • the cylinder
  • the regulator

Which gas is a by-product of fermentation?

  • oxygen
  • hydrogen
  • carbon dioxide

How long can beer stay fresh inside a kegerator?

  • four months
  • six months
  • eight months

The most important factor in serving a perfect glass of beer is its ______.

  • color
  • carbonation
  • temperature

How can you obtain a kegerator for personal use?

  • buy or rent one
  • build one yourself
  • both of the above

When building your own kegerator, what is the most important factor to take into consideration?

  • The refrigerator is big enough for the size of the keg.
  • The keg is big enough for the size of the refrigerator.
  • The keg is big enough for the size of the party.

When brewing beer at home, what type of keg are you most likely to use?

  • 5-gallon (19-liter) soda keg
  • 10-gallon (38-liter) soda keg
  • 15-gallon (57-liter) soda keg

When storing carbon dioxide canisters, in what position should they be kept?

  • on their sides
  • on their heads
  • in an upright position

Before you disconnect a carbon dioxide canister, what part must be closed?

  • the regulator
  • the intake valve
  • the coupler

How much can a full keg weigh?

  • 50 pounds (110 kilograms)
  • 100 pounds (220 kilograms)
  • 160 pounds (72 kilograms)

In order to ensure better tasting beer, which part of the kegerator should be cleaned regularly?

  • the tubing connecting the keg to the faucet
  • the refrigerator
  • the carbon dioxide canister

What elements may harm the beer in a keg?

  • bacteria
  • oxygen
  • both of the above

In what size are kegs available?

  • five gallons
  • 10 gallons
  • 20 gallons

Buying a beer keg is _______ buying cans or bottles.

  • less expensive than
  • more expensive than
  • about the same price as

A kegerator is right for you if you :

  • hate beer
  • throw a lot of parties where you serve beer
  • drink a lot of wine

If the temperature in your kegerator is too high or too low, your beer may:

  • be foamy or cloudy
  • taste funny
  • both of the above

What malfunction can cause faulty pouring in a kegerator?

  • a loose connection in the system
  • the wrong size keg
  • a dirty keg

Carbon dioxide pressure is measured in psi (pounds per square inch). How many psi do most beers require for a steady draft?

  • 10 psi
  • 12 psi
  • 15 psi