The Ultimate Kentucky Wilderness Road Heritage Quiz
by Staff
The great state of Kentucky is not exactly on the East Coast, but it isn't totally in the South either. With it's Appalachian trails and its fascinating history, Kentucky is a great place to visit when if you're looking to avoid big-city life. Take our quiz to learn about the great experience you can have while traveling from West Virginia through Kentucky on the Wilderness Road Heritage Highway.

Which of these mountain ranges cuts through Kentucky?

  • Appalachian Mountains
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Sierra Nevada

Which of these pioneers scouted Kentucky?

  • Marco Polo
  • Daniel Boone
  • Sacajawea

How long is Wilderness Road Heritage Highway?

  • 93 miles
  • 193 miles
  • 293 miles

How much time should you allow to enjoy the sights and sounds of this stretch of road?

  • two hours
  • two days
  • two weeks

Through which state does Wilderness Road travel?

  • Alabama
  • Delaware
  • Kentucky

Which are the best seasons to travel across Wilderness Road?

  • summer and fall
  • winter and fall
  • fall and spring

How long is the hiking trail at Daniel Boone National Forest?

  • 69 miles
  • 169 miles
  • 269 miles

Which fast food chain has a museum in Kentucky?

  • Burger King
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • McDonald's

What was Colonel Sanders's first name?

  • Barry
  • Harland
  • John

In which year did Harland Sanders develop his famous recipe?

  • 1940
  • 1960
  • 1980

In which town will you find the P-38 museum?

  • Berea
  • London
  • Middlesboro

What is a P-38?

  • a gun
  • a twin-engine fighter plane
  • a boat

How deep in the ice was the P-38 found in Greenland?

  • 67 feet
  • 134 feet
  • 268 feet

What is the name of the pioneer who discovered Cumberland Gap?

  • Daniel Boone
  • Dr. Thomas Walker
  • Amerigo Vespucci

Which of these natural resources is found in the area of the Wilderness Highway?

  • coal
  • oil
  • plutonium

Bramwell Presbyterian Church was patterned after a cathedral from which of these countries?

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Wales

At its peak, how many millionaires lived in Bramwell, West Virginia?

  • three
  • eight
  • 14

In which year did the Bank of Bramwell go bust?

  • 1914
  • 1933
  • 1945

How long is the tour of Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine?

  • 1,000 feet
  • 1,500 feet
  • 2,000 feet

How far below ground is the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine?

  • 100 feet
  • 250 feet
  • 500 feet