The Ultimate Kids Bathroom Decorating Quiz
by Staff
Decorating a child's bathroom is an adventure in care and creativity. Take this quiz and find out how you can turn a utilitarian space into a utopian place.

In a kid's bathroom, what kind of paint should you choose?

  • bright and colorful
  • muted and subdued
  • pale and neutral

What is the most important characteristic of a bath rug in a kid's bathroom?

  • colorful
  • soft
  • nonslip

Which of the following is not a safety feature?

  • a sturdy, low step stool
  • a shatterproof drinking cup
  • sharp edges on the sink counter

How should you install a grab bar in a bath or shower?

  • Screw it into a wall stud.
  • Hang it like a towel rack.
  • Glue it onto the tiling.

What does an antiscald device do?

  • It prevents burns from a light fixture.
  • It prevents burns from hot water.
  • It prevents burns from the radiator.

What item can you use to make a safe and novel hook?

  • a toothbrush
  • a clothes hanger
  • a paper clip

On wall tiles, which of the following is not a recommended feature for a stick-on accent?

  • self-adhesive
  • washable
  • non-removable

What kind of paint should you use to stencil onto wall tile?

  • china paint
  • acrylic paint
  • water paint

What is the advantage of having a child-sized bathroom suite?

  • It's less expensive because it's smaller.
  • It's easier to clean because it's smaller.
  • It's safer and more comfortable for kids to use.

In a child-size bathroom suite, why should all the fixtures have conventionally sized plumbing?

  • So you can switch them to normal size when the child gets older.
  • So the child will know how to use them.
  • So you can install the suite yourself.

With a child-size bathtub, what is an inviolable rule?

  • Never let the water get too cold.
  • Never leave a ring around the bathtub.
  • Never leave a child unattended even for a second.

Why should you not install a TV over the bathtub?

  • The kids won't want to get out of the tub.
  • It's a safety hazard.
  • The remote control could get stuck in the drain.

What is the advantage of using tempered glass over regular glass in the bathroom?

  • Tempered glass doesn't shatter.
  • Tempered glass is less expensive.
  • Tempered glass has a more serene effect.

How much space should you leave for doors or cabinet drawers to open freely?

  • one foot
  • two feet
  • three feet

What is the advantage of using removable accessories in a kid's bathroom?

  • You can upgrade them easily when the kids get older.
  • The kids can take them off if they don't like them.
  • They are easier to clean.

Which of the following is a good element to have in a bathroom?

  • carpeting
  • porcelain tile
  • wallpaper

If you are planning to use natural stone or hardwood in the bathroom, what should you do first?

  • Check prices.
  • Make sure the colors match.
  • Have them sealed properly.

What is the best type of wood to use in the bathroom?

  • teak
  • maple
  • mahogany

In terms of the environment, what are VOCs?

  • volatile organic compounds
  • very old compounds
  • virally oxidized compounds

Why are halogen light bulbs a good choice?

  • They go on and off by themselves.
  • They are not hot to the touch.
  • They simulate sunlight.