The Ultimate Keeping Kids Comfortable on Planes Quiz
by Staff
Going on a trip with the kids can be great fun, but a plane trip can be a nightmare. Keeping the kids occupied and comfortable is the key to an uneventful flight. Take this quiz to learn some tips for keeping kids comfortable on planes.

Why do kids find it difficult to sit on a plane?

  • The air pressure effects them.
  • They can't sit still.
  • They get claustrophobic.

What should you bring along on the plane for your kids?

  • toys
  • sugar
  • water guns

What sort of games might you bring to keep your kid's attention for longer?

  • big toys
  • old toys
  • new toy

What sort of toys should you avoid bringing on the plane?

  • noisy toys
  • small toys
  • soft toys

How should you present toys to your kids during the plane ride?

  • Put them all out.
  • Bring them out one at a time.
  • Make them wait in between toys.

Don't' count on the airline to provide __ that your kids will like.

  • drinks
  • candy
  • snacks

What sort of snacks should you avoid giving to your kids on the plane?

  • foods with nuts
  • sugary foods
  • fruit

What is a good food to give to older kids to help relieve discomfort from changing air pressure?

  • chips
  • candies
  • chewing gum

What maneuver can help babies or toddlers to relieve discomfort from air pressure changes?

  • sucking
  • sitting
  • burping

What do you need to encourage your kids to have on the plane?

  • eat
  • drink
  • play

What else can you do to keep your kids occupied when they run out of toys?

  • Play games like 'I spy'.
  • Give them sleeping tablets.
  • Let them cry.

What should you do if your kids cannot sit still any longer?

  • Tie them to their seats.
  • Let them squirm around in their seats.
  • Take them for a walk.

What should you do to make sure you don't forget anything when packing for the plane?

  • Make a list.
  • Get your children to pack their own bags.
  • Ask your kids to remind you what you need to take.

What can you bring to keep your kids calm on the plane?

  • pacifiers
  • blankets
  • both of the above

How many comfort items should you bring along on the plane?

  • one item
  • a few items
  • all comfort items that your child has

What can you bring to help your kids get to sleep in their plane seats?

  • a travel pillow
  • belts to strap them into the seat
  • coloring books

What should you bring along to relax an infant?

  • sugary foods
  • cool clothes
  • infant pain reliever

If travelling with kids, what part of your child's day might you coincide the flight with?

  • eating time
  • nap time
  • play time

How are night flights sometimes referred to?

  • red eye flights
  • graveyard flights
  • sleepy flights

What should you do while your kids sleep on the plane?

  • watch a movie
  • eat
  • sleep