The Ultimate Kids Rooms Safety Quiz
by Staff
No matter what your children's ages, you want to make sure their room is safe and comfortable. Whether you're decorating a nursery or a hip teen's room, you will want to incorporate decorating ideas into their rooms that put their well-being first. Before you get started, take our quiz for some great tips on how to decorate with your kids' safety in mind.

Which of the following could pose a safety hazard to your child?

  • paints
  • fabrics
  • both of the above

Which of the following chairs is recommended for feeding and cuddling your baby?

  • gliding chair
  • straight chair
  • folding chair

Which of the following is the more practical choice for your baby's room?

  • cradle
  • bassinet
  • crib

Which safety feature is a must for your baby's changing table?

  • decorative pad
  • safety strap
  • accessories shelf

Which lighting feature helps you adjust the level of light in your baby's room?

  • colored lights
  • moving lights
  • dimmer switch

Which colors do newborns like best?

  • black and white
  • pink and blue
  • pink and purple

The most important thing to consider when decorating a toddler's room is:

  • safety
  • the rules of modern décor
  • the rules of toddler décor

Which is the best floor covering for your toddler's room?

  • ceramic tile
  • stone
  • wall-to-wall carpeting

When your child outgrows his or her crib, which type of bed is best?

  • bunk bed
  • youth bed
  • double bed

Which type of clothes hanging solution is great for young children?

  • hooks
  • built-in closets
  • free-standing closets

Which color carpet is the most practical for your kids' rooms?

  • medium-toned
  • patterned
  • both of the above

Which type of table is best-suited to a busy pre-schooler's needs?

  • folding
  • child-size
  • square

Which type of light bulbs are safest for a kid's room?

  • halogen
  • incandescent
  • fluorescent

Which of the following decorating ideas is the most practical when your child wants to decorate his room with the latest cartoon or movie hero?

  • a Barney pillow
  • a Sponge Bob bed
  • a Dora dresser

What is the most important feature of a bunk bed?

  • a safety rail
  • the ladder
  • the mattress

The best way to encourage young children to help with picking up their toys is to:

  • Provide attractive open storage containers.
  • Bribe them.
  • Yell at them.

Preteens need to express their individuality in their room decorations. Which items may take the place of toys at this stage?

  • music DVDs
  • electronic equipment
  • both of the above

To protect your children from the dangers of the Internet, where is the best place for the family computer?

  • in the child's room
  • in the family room
  • in the basement

Teens like it best when their rooms resemble:

  • a hip studio apartment
  • a Disney fantasy
  • a fifties diner

Teenage girls are very interested in clothes. The most important part of a teenage girl's room is her:

  • bed
  • closet
  • desk