The Ultimate Kitchen Building Trends Quiz
by Staff
As with most areas of design, kitchen design has noticeable trends that become more or less popular. Some focus on form and others on function, but there is no denying that the trends exist. What trends are currently popular, and are they pure fashion or do they have added depth and staying power? Take this quiz to find out!

What combination is the key challenge for kitchen designers looking to follow trends?

  • fashion and utility
  • style and affordability
  • environmental friendliness and usability

What material is currently in vogue for kitchen countertops?

  • concrete
  • granite or marble
  • aluminum

What is the main way of altering the look of a concrete countertop?

  • by mixing other things in with the wet concrete before forming the countertop
  • by layering it with various coatings
  • by distressing or polishing the surface

What is one of the most desirable features of concrete kitchen countertops?

  • It is customizable.
  • It is renewable.
  • It is inexpensive.

What is the main thing you must watch out for when you have a concrete countertop?

  • stains
  • overheating
  • cracking

What two fuels are used in a dual-fuel range?

  • gas and electric
  • propane and methane
  • oil and natural gas

What type of new stovetop is even more efficient (and trendy)?

  • induction
  • isothermic
  • solar

What challenge of green kitchen design is the hardest to achieve?

  • reducing the harm done to the environment
  • helping to improve the environment
  • recycling as much waste as possible

What is IceStone?

  • a countertop material that uses recycled glass and concrete
  • a stone countertop material that is tempered at sub-zero temperatures
  • a high-quality and expensive refrigerator

Why is bamboo considered a "green" building material?

  • because it grows back quickly
  • because it releases no harmful emissions during its growth
  • because it can be grown locally

What common household chemical does green kitchen design look to avoid?

  • formaldehyde
  • chlorine
  • iodine

What is a trendy way to work kitchen appliances into an overall design scheme?

  • hiding them inside cabinets
  • making sure the color is complementary to the cabinets and walls
  • drawing attention away from them by creating other focal points in the room

What type of color scheme is currently trendy for kitchen design?

  • metallic grays and silvers
  • black and white
  • bright colors

What new hi-tech feature is available for refrigerators on the market today?

  • high-definition TV on the door
  • temperature control to a precision of 1/10 of a degree
  • remote control via Internet connection

What does the Connect Io (intelligent oven) allow you to do?

  • control it remotely via Internet or cell phone
  • divert lost heat to other appliances, such as a dishwasher
  • cook using gas and electricity at the same time