The Ultimate Kitchen Designing Quiz
by Staff
Kitchen design has come a long way over the years. Have you kept abreast of all the options and techniques of modern kitchen design? Take our quiz and see what kind of designs you can cook up.

What is a big advantage of spending money on a kitchen renovation?

  • It is more pleasant to spend time preparing food in a modern kitchen.
  • Having a modern kitchen equipped with Energy Star earth friendly appliances will save you money.
  • A modern kitchen can increase the resale value of your home significantly.

According to some experts, the kitchen is the room where:

  • the heart is
  • memories are made
  • people spend the most time

What is a first step in designing a kitchen renovation?

  • Assess your needs.
  • Measure the space available.
  • Hire a kitchen design consultant.

What is a good way to get ideas for your kitchen design and appliance choices?

  • Go to your local library and look through books in the reference section.
  • Attend weekend open houses to see first hand what is popular for kitchens.
  • Visit a kitchen design center or building center that offers kitchen packages.

What is a crucial decision in the initial kitchen planning process?

  • Decide on the appliances you want.
  • Decide whether existing kitchen floor space is adequate.
  • Decide on your kitchen budget.

Your research is finished and you know what you would like for a kitchen design. What is your next step?

  • You need to decide which appliances will be built-in.
  • Now is the time to hire a professional kitchen designer.
  • You will want to decide whether you will include an island or a breakfast nook.

Where can you shave costs when your kitchen choices put you over budget?

  • Downgrade from luxury surfacing materials.
  • Cut back on the design and installation costs.
  • Downgrade your choice of cabinetry.

What is an essential task for your professional kitchen designer?

  • Your kitchen professional is responsible to supervise the installation of your kitchen from design to completion.
  • Your kitchen professional will design your kitchen after you make your appliance choices.
  • Your kitchen professional will translate your lifestyle into design solutions tailored to the way you live.

What is considered a standard measurement of kitchen layout efficiency?

  • travel time from entry
  • total work triangle distance
  • time to prepare a standardized meal

In an efficient kitchen, what should be the total distance of the work triangle between the sink, stove and refrigerator?

  • between 12 and 23 feet
  • between 18 and 27 feet
  • between 20 and 28 feet

What is the minimum recommended clearance between an island and any other counter or appliance?

  • 3 feet
  • 4 feet
  • 5 feet

A good kitchen design should include:

  • more than one microwave station
  • a pantry for storage of cans and bottles
  • ample counter space next to the stove and refrigerator

What is the biggest factor that influences your kitchen design options?

  • length and width
  • shape and size
  • door and window openings

No matter what the layout, which essential should be central in a kitchen?

  • a refrigerator
  • a sink
  • a stove

What room configuration determines that a U-shaped kitchen is the best layout?

  • a kitchen space that is square or almost square
  • a kitchen space that is roughly U-shaped
  • a kitchen space that forms a rectangle

An L-shaped kitchen layout is:

  • well suited to a rectangle shaped room
  • well suited to a room with many windows on one wall
  • well suited to a large room

You planned a kitchen laid out in a G-shape and the cook-top is going to be located on a peninsula between the kitchen and a family room. What is a safe way to set up the cook-top?

  • Design the kitchen so that the cook-top area has a divider that stretches from floor to ceiling.
  • Install a 10-inch fireproof tempered glass shield between the cook top and the family room wall.
  • Design the area so that the cook top is at least six inches below the ledge separating the rooms.

If you have a very small space for your kitchen, what is the best design choice?

  • L-shaped
  • corridor
  • single-wall

What kind of kitchen design is ideal for today’s fast-paced lifestyle?

  • Go for a kitchen design that includes a microwave, dishwasher and a breakfast nook.
  • Go for a kitchen design that incorporates a computer workstation and desk space.
  • Go for a kitchen design that incorporates an eat-in area.

What kind of kitchen island design is currently in vogue?

  • a freestanding look
  • matching the counters
  • matching the cabinets