The Ultimate Kitchen Storage Solutions Quiz
by Staff
A common complaint of anyone who uses a kitchen frequently concerns the lack of space. Limited space usually leads to clutter, annoyance or frustration when you can't find something you need. Take this quiz and see which kitchen storage solutions can remedy this situation.

What is one of the main problems of most kitchens?

  • inadequate lighting
  • lack of storage space
  • problematic ventilation

How does this affect a serious cook?

  • increases the sense of achievement
  • promotes motivation to succeed against the odds
  • frustration or annoyance

How can you improve your storage space without building new cabinets?

  • more shelves
  • pot rack
  • get rid of some pots

When choosing a pot rack what should your main consideration be?

  • Place emphasis on design, the kitchen is your showpiece.
  • Go for the functional rather than for appearance.
  • Match your needs with the appearance of the kitchen.

How can a kitchen island help you get organized?

  • Hang the pots centrally over the island.
  • Use the storage space for your pots.
  • Make it your main work area and free up counter space.

What lesson for our kitchen can we learn from a skyscraper?

  • You need solid foundations to succeed.
  • Functionality and aesthetics can be compatible.
  • If you can't expand out go up.

Why are storage towers tall and narrow?

  • To save on production costs.
  • To fit cramped spaces.
  • To avoid clutter caused by too much stored on them.

What should you check before buying a storage unit?

  • Make sure it matches the décor of the kitchen.
  • Check that it can be cleaned easily.
  • Check how strong it is.

What part of your cabinets is usually overlooked when trying to find storage space?

  • top shelves
  • doors
  • bottom shelves

How do you choose a suitable door organizer?

  • Anything on the door needs to match your kitchen,
  • Make sure it suits your needs.
  • Choose a sturdy deep organizer that won't rattle with the constant opening and closing of the door.

What is a good example of how to create extra countertop storage space?

  • pot holder
  • tower storage unit
  • cookie jar

What should you consider when buying countertop canisters?

  • Ensure they are sturdy.
  • Since they are in full view they have to match the rest of the kitchen.
  • Make sure they are waterproof.

What else can canisters do?

  • They keep your food out of sight.
  • They add style to your kitchen.
  • They add a decorative touch and keep food fresh

If you need more working space in your kitchen but don't have a kitchen island what can you do?

  • Add a folding granite work area.
  • Buy a kitchen cart.
  • Clear everything off the countertop.

What should you determine before buying something like a kitchen cart?

  • Check on prices.
  • Make sure it matches your kitchen cabinets.
  • Decide how much space you need.

What do you have to check about the cart itself?

  • Check it has brakes.
  • Make sure it is waterproof and easily cleaned.
  • Think about exactly where you want to position it.

If you will be doing a lot of work on it what do you need?

  • place for peels and garbage
  • plenty of accessories like spice racks
  • butcher block

What is one of the most basic and useful kitchen accessories?

  • wall mounted spice racks
  • drawer organizers
  • built in wine cooler on your kitchen cart

Assuming you decide to buy a wine rack for your proud but modest collection, where should you install it?

  • in a prominent area of your living room
  • in the laundry room
  • cool dark place

When buying plastic storage containers, what do you need to check?

  • Make sure they are environmentally safe.
  • Check they are made by a reputable company.
  • Be sure they are microwavable.