The Ultimate Kobuk Valley National Park Quiz
by Staff
Kobuk Valley National Park in northern Alaska is probably the most remote national park in the U.S. There are no roads and its beautiful wilderness solitude can be accessed only by the Kobuk River. Take this quiz to learn more about the special beauty of Kobuk Valley National Park.

In what state is Kobuk Valley National Park located?

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Hawaii

How do you get to the park?

  • automobile
  • air taxi
  • boat

What is the size of Kobuk Valley National Park?

  • 996,880 acres
  • 1,306,275 acres
  • 1,750,700 acres

Once inside the park, what is the easiest way to travel?

  • via the Kobuk River
  • hiking trails
  • ATV paths

Where are the park headquarters and information center located?

  • 500 yards in from the park entrance
  • beside the highway where a trail to the park begins
  • in Kozebue, Alaska

What was the highest number of visitors to travel to this park in a year?

  • about 9,500
  • about 3,500
  • about 1,500

What accommodation is available in the park?

  • cabins
  • a campground
  • backcountry camping

Besides its remoteness, what is a prime attraction of the park?

  • glaciers
  • sand dunes
  • ice caves

What is the size of the area covered by the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes?

  • 25 square miles
  • 35 square miles
  • 45 square miles

Where can you start a paddleboat or motorboat trip on the Kobuk River to transverse the park?

  • Kiana
  • Ambler
  • Shungnak

How distant is the park from the Arctic Circle?

  • 30 miles above
  • one mile above
  • 15 miles below

What else is notable about this unique park?

  • ancient archaeological sites
  • the Salmon River
  • both of the above

How high do some of the Kobuk Sand Dunes rise above their base?

  • 100 feet
  • 150 feet
  • 200 feet

What is a popular pastime of some of the visitors who make their way to Kobuk Valley National Park?

  • dog sledding
  • snowmobiling
  • sandboarding

What is the name of the two mountain ranges that enclose the Kobuk Valley National Park?

  • Barid and Waring
  • Kobuk and Barid
  • Kiana and Kobuk

In what range of mountains are the Kobuk River's headwaters?

  • Brooks Range
  • Barid Range
  • Waring Range

What is the name of the Eskimo tribe that owns the land through which the Kobuk River flows?

  • Inuit Eskimos
  • Inupiaq Eskimos
  • Yupik Eskimos

What animal can you watch swimming in the Kobuk River during late August and early September?

  • black bears
  • reindeer
  • caribou

What is considered the park's best known feature?

  • Onion Portage
  • Great Kobuk Sand Dunes
  • Kobuk River

What is the name of the archeologist who uncovered evidence of flint-working technology at Onion Portage in 1961?

  • Emil Haury
  • J. Lewis Giddings
  • John Bryan Ward-Perkins