The Korean War Quiz
by Staff
Wedged between the bloody battles of WWII and the controversial Vietnam War, the Korean War is referred to as "The Forgotten War," despite its many causalities. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about this often overlooked conflict.

Which country ruled Korea until the end of WWII?

  • China
  • Japan
  • Soviet Union

Which two countries took over rule of Korea after Japan gave up its hold on the country in 1945?

  • China and Soviet Union
  • China and U.S.
  • U.S. and Soviet Union

In 1948, Korea held national elections and elected a single national government to rule the nation.

  • TRUE

What happened on June 25, 1950 to trigger the start of the Korean War?

  • South Korean leader assassinated
  • U.S. invaded North Korea
  • North Korea invaded the South

What marks the border between North and South Korea?

  • 38th parallel
  • Yalu River
  • Paektu Mountain

Both North and South Korea were led by communist leaders at the start of the Vietnam War.

  • TRUE

North Korean leadership fought hard to form a democracy before the Korean War started.

  • TRUE

Who was the U.S. president during the Korean War?

  • Kennedy
  • Nixon
  • Truman

Truman hoped that the conflict in Korea would also lead to a war with communist China.

  • TRUE

When did peace talks aimed at ending the Korean War first take place?

  • 1951
  • 1952
  • 1953

Which side did the U.S. support during the Korean War?

  • North
  • South
  • Both

Which country actively fought on the side of the North during the conflict?

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • United States

The North Koreans were much better prepared for war than the South.

  • TRUE

When did Truman order U.S. troops to Korea?

  • June 1950
  • June 1951
  • June 1952

Where did U.S. troops fight their first major battle in the war?

  • Seoul
  • Busan
  • Osan

The Korean War was the first conflict that the U.S. Air Force was involved in.

  • TRUE

The U.S. and Soviets both used nuclear weapons during the Korean War.

  • TRUE

U.S. jet fighter planes were far superior to those used by the Soviets in the Korean War.

  • TRUE

Where was Johnny Cash stationed during the Korean War? (Yes, that Johnny Cash.)

  • Germany
  • Korea
  • Japan

Both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin served as fighter pilots during the Korean War.

  • TRUE

What happened at No Gun Ri?

  • hundreds of U.S. soldiers slaughtered
  • hundreds of Korean civilians massacred
  • the final battle in the war

How many statues of soldiers make up the Korean War Memorial at the National Mall in Washington?

  • 19
  • 77
  • 300

How do North Koreans refer to the Korean War?

  • Fatherland Liberation War
  • 625
  • War With the South

How do South Koreans refer to the Korean War?

  • Fatherland Liberation War
  • 625
  • War With the North

How many Americans lost their lives during the Korean War?

  • 10000
  • 25000
  • 40000

Roughly 10 percent of Korea's prewar population died during the conflict.

  • 1

When was an armistice signed to stop the fighting in Korea?

  • 1951
  • 1953
  • 1955

The Korean War never officially ended.

  • TRUE

What happened to Korea after the war?

  • It was unified into a single country.
  • It was split into two independent countries.
  • It was placed back under Japanese rule.

What TV series famously was set during the Korean War?

  • "McHale's Navy"
  • "Hogan's Heroes"
  • "MASH"