Quiz: Inside the KTM X-Bow
by Staff
The eagerly anticipated KTM X-Bow has managed to pierce the heart of casual car fans and serious racers on both sides of the Atlantic. This go-kart boasts a bragging list a quarter-mile long, but how much information can you drop into conversation?

First things first. The car blogs will tell you almost everything you need to know about the KTM X-Bow, except perhaps this: how do you actually pronounce the car's name?

  • "X-Bow" (as in "ex bow")
  • "X-Bow" (as in "take a bow")
  • "Crossbow"

The X-Bow is the first car from motorcycle maker KTM, and its European heritage is a considerable factor in its appeal (at least according to stateside car bloggers). Where is KTM based?

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • The United Kingdom

KTM designed the X-Bow to be a competitive track car, and like all race-worthy vehicles, some traditional parts had to be removed in order to save weight, make room for other accessories, or simply keep the car (and driver) focused on the road. But the X-Bow's list of features reads more like a motorcycle than a car. Which of the following elements does the X-Bow NOT have?

  • Steering column
  • Seatbelts
  • Windshield

Yes, in some ways it's kind of stripped down, but there's plenty of go-fast goodies to provide amusement, too. The X-Bow features which of the following elements?

  • iPad dock
  • KTM sportbike instrument panel
  • Blind spot sensors

So, let's say that you've got a need for speed and some serious cash to spend. You're excited that the X-Bow's finally being sold in the United States, but who do you need to contact to get one?

  • KTM
  • British Racing Group, LLC
  • Watch for an ad on Craigslist

Why is importing a X-Bow such a complicated procedure?

  • It's classified as a kit car to avoid certain legal issues.
  • Extremely limited production means prospective buyers have to enter a lottery.
  • Prospective buyers must be certified race car drivers.

The X-Bow does NOT have which of the following elements?

  • Power brakes
  • Instrument panel
  • Exhaust

The X-Bow features which of the following components?

  • All-weather, stain-resistant interior carpeting
  • A-pillar-mounted tachometer
  • Passenger seat

How long has the X-Bow been available in Europe?

  • Since 2008
  • Since 2010
  • It's not yet in production

How much horsepower does the X-Bow have?

  • 365 horsepower
  • 240 horsepower
  • It varies -- depending on trim level

Which of the following elements does the X-Bow NOT have?

  • A clutch
  • Doors
  • Upshift light

The X-Bow features which of the following elements?

  • KTM bike brakes
  • Wilwood brakes
  • Brembo brakes

The European press says the X-Bow's engine and transmission come from Volkswagen, but in the United States, it's marketed with Audi parts. Which continent is getting the shaft?

  • European racers are getting swindled.
  • American racers are getting swindled.
  • It doesn't really matter -- it's the same engine.

What kind of transmission does the X-Bow have?

  • A six-speed manual transmission
  • Buyers can choose the transmission when they order the engine.
  • A six-speed automatic with sport mode

Which of the following elements does the X-Bow NOT have?

  • Adjustable seats
  • A side mirror
  • A fuel tank

The X-Bow features which of the following elements?

  • A climate-controlled glove compartment
  • An exhaust that also helps with crash protection
  • Parachute-equipped ejection seats

What is the X-Bow's 0 to 62-mile per hour (100-kilometer per hour) time?

  • 3.9 seconds
  • 2.9 seconds
  • 4 seconds flat

According to a "Motor Trend" magazine review of the 2010 X-Bow, what can a racer expect from the X-Bow's suspension?

  • It's "as well-cushioned as a Buick."
  • It'll knock your teeth out.
  • It's "very civilized."

There's a benefit, from a racing perspective, to the X-Bow's lack of windshield. What is it (aside from the reduced weight)?

  • There's less risk of head injury in the event of a crash.
  • The driver has better views of the track.
  • The car looks much, much cooler in photographs.

Tempted yet? Here's the last question: How much can you expect to shell out to get an X-Bow in your garage?

  • There's no official word on pricing yet, and rumors vary widely.
  • The price is competitive with the Lotus Elise, about $50,000.
  • Hope you've got $95,000 freed up on your AmEx Black card.