The Ultimate Land Diving Quiz
by Staff
Do you ever wonder how the idea for bungee jumping came about? Bungee jumping originated from a ritual known as land diving on Pentecost Island. Take a plunge into this quiz to learn more about the wonderful world of land diving.

What is the popular name for plummeting headfirst toward earth while suspended by an elastic cord?

  • parasailing
  • bungee jumping
  • parachuting

Where do men partake in ritualistic land diving?

  • Australia
  • Vanuatu
  • New Zealand

What speed do the land divers attain?

  • 45 mph
  • 72 mph
  • 78 mph

What tethers the men to the rickety tower?

  • vines
  • rubber bands
  • elastic cords

What happens if the vine length is miscalculated?

  • serious injury
  • death
  • both answers

What safety equipment is used by the native jumpers?

  • none
  • helmets
  • nets

What did Queen Elizabeth observe when she went to watch the ritual jump?

  • successful diving
  • dive resulting in injury
  • dive resulting in death

What is A.J. Hackett credited with?

  • bungee jumping from the Eiffel Tower
  • bungee jumping from the Empire State Building
  • bungee jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge

What happened with bungee jumping after Hackett's infamous bungee jump?

  • went mainstream
  • was made illegal
  • neither answer

How has land diving in Vanuatu changed since Hackett visited the Island?

  • safety equipment is used
  • tourist attraction
  • cease of the ritual

Why should vines with sap be used for the ritual jump?

  • more supple
  • less likely to break
  • both answers

From what did land diving originate?

  • marital discord tale
  • bravery tale
  • ancient god legend

At what age are males allowed to dive?

  • seven
  • 12
  • 20

What is the reason for the ritual?

  • prove bravery
  • prove physical strength
  • ensure a bountiful harvest

What is done to cushion the blow when landing?

  • till the ground
  • inflatable mattress
  • line the ground with palm fronds

When does land diving occur?

  • daily from April through June
  • weekly from April through June
  • once in April

What do the men wear for the ritual?

  • ceremonial robe
  • penis sheath
  • neither answer

How do the women garb themselves for the ritual?

  • bare-breasted
  • grass skirts
  • both answers

When did the Vanuatu Cultural Center call for a moratorium on commercial filming of the ritual?

  • 2000
  • 2006
  • 2008

What good luck charm do the divers use?

  • no charm
  • arm tattoo
  • special flower