The Ultimate Landscape Photography Quiz
by Staff
Use nature's beauty as the subject of your photographs. Landscape photography may range from majestic mountains to urban skylines and anywhere in between. Take this quiz to learn more about the challenges of landscape photography.

What is landscape photography?

  • photographs of nature
  • photographs of plants
  • photographs of animals

Why may people be present in landscape photographs?

  • to set up a more interesting photograph
  • to show scale
  • to include indigenous people in the scene

What is scale with regard to photography?

  • indicates size
  • indicates film speed
  • indicates size of the lens

What is a landscape photograph style?

  • abstract
  • representational
  • both answers

What landscape photograph style doesn't include nature scenes?

  • abstract
  • impressionistic
  • urban

What style may use camera filters to soften the photos?

  • urban
  • abstract
  • impressionistic

What is the starting price for a single-lens reflex camera?

  • 200
  • 500
  • 6000

What does a SLR cameras use to project an image from a lens onto film?

  • mirror
  • light
  • both answers

What camera accessory may be used to heighten or sharpen color photos?

  • telephoto lens
  • filter
  • tripod

How can filters effect the color of the sky?

  • more blue
  • filter out glare
  • soften the sun

Who was a professional photographer?

  • Maya Angelou
  • Andy Warhol
  • Ansel Adams

What is photographic composition?

  • lighting
  • framing of the picture
  • point of view

What is the rule of thirds?

  • divides the photo into three sections horizontally
  • divides the photo into three sections vertically
  • both answers

What does placing an object in the foreground of a photo help the viewer do?

  • where to start looking
  • interpret the meaning of the photo
  • imagine what is not in the photo

What are the magic hours of photography?

  • when lighting is the brightest
  • when lighting is best
  • when lightens is the dimmest

When are the magic hours?

  • before and after sunrise
  • before and after sunset
  • both answers

How should you adjust your camera for low light?

  • allow for less exposure
  • allow for more exposure
  • use a telephoto lens

What should you take into account when filming still water?

  • reflection
  • movement
  • wind

What weight tripod should you purchase?

  • heavy enough to support your camera and lens
  • light enough to carry to your desired location
  • both answers

How does a photographer set up a representational scene?

  • no changes to the scene
  • add a filter to the lens
  • use shape and proximity