Laptop Shopping Showdown -- Show Your Savvy!
by Staff
Never again fear the endless options of the laptop market. By the time you're done with this quiz, you'll know exactly what to look for in a new laptop.

What does the resolution of a computer screen determine?

  • size
  • number of pixels
  • number of colors

In late 2011, Intel launched a laptop category with this marketing name to drive sales of lightweight computers.

  • netbooks
  • superbooks
  • ultrabooks

This kind of display technology is found in almost all laptop screens.

  • LCD
  • LED
  • CRT

Some low-end and ultraportable laptops use these kinds of graphics to save battery life and keep prices down.

  • Nvidia graphics
  • integrated graphics
  • dedicated graphics

ULV computer processors power lightweight laptops like ultrabooks. What does ULV stand for?

  • Ultra Low Voltage
  • Ultra Limit Velocity
  • Unilarteral Limiting Voltage

If you want to play games on a laptop, this component is more important than any other.

  • CPU
  • GPU
  • RAM

Some lightweight and premium laptops are trading out hard drives for this kind of storage.

  • cloud drives
  • solid state drives
  • Blu-ray drives

Computers with these kinds of batteries are sometimes a bit bulkier, but replacing hardware is very convenient.

  • lithium polymer
  • integrated
  • removable

These kinds of keyboards have become standard in the laptop industry, but the travel distance and feel of the keys can still vary between models.

  • mechanical
  • dvorak
  • chiclet

This computer component is a smart choice for an upgrade -- it affects performance across all kinds of applications.

  • RAM
  • screen size
  • GPU

This external port is a must for outputting video from a laptop to an HDTV.

  • HDMI
  • VGA
  • USB

This speedy port is slowly replacing USB 2.0 ports in laptops released in 2011 and beyond.

  • Thunderbolt
  • Firewire
  • USB 3.0

Many business laptops use these as a security feature, but they only offer limited protection against computer savvy thieves.

  • locks
  • fingerprint scanners
  • passwords

While not all laptops adhere to these sizes, these are the three screen measurements most commonly used by laptops.

  • 11 inch (28 centimeter), 14 inch (36 centimeter) and 16 inch (41 centimeter)
  • 13 inch (33 centimeter), 15 inch (38 centimeter) and 17 inch (43 centimeter)
  • 9 inch (23 centimeter), 15 inch (38 centimeter) and 19 inch (48 centimeter)

Some laptop makers are switching to this kind of design to make their laptops sturdier and more attractive.

  • unibodies
  • airbrushed plastic
  • stainless steel

AMD introduced APUs in 2011, and they've replaced CPUs and GPUs in some laptops. What does APU stand for?

  • Accelerated Processing Unit
  • Accelerated Performance Upgrade
  • Actual Processing Unit

Some ultraportable laptops are dropping this port in favor of WiFi Internet access.

  • VGA
  • USB
  • Ethernet

When buying a laptop for travel, this quality can be a huge factor in how often you actually use your system.

  • weight
  • price
  • speed

Tend to work late into the night? This luxury laptop feature might be up your alley.

  • TruBright Displays
  • backlit keyboards
  • external monitors

This kind of battery attaches to the bottom of a laptop and adds some extra thickness, but also delivers hours of extra run time.

  • replaceable battery
  • slice battery
  • polymer battery